Three more days to go before Santa comes!!! This is by far my favorite time of year, even better than summer days now!! Luckily for me I don’t have to cook too much this year, however I have a few things to make and I’m starting to stress out about getting it all done with the time I have because they aren’t things you can really make a head of time!!! For Christmas Eve I’m making the Crescent Christmas Tree as an appetizer for my Mother-in-Laws. I just get nervous when I’ve never made anything before! Usually for a holiday or special occasion I make something I’ve already made before. Then Christmas late morning we are just doing a light brunch at our place so our mothers and my sister can see my boo open up her gifts. I’m going to make the Old Fashioned Breakfast Casserole and a new recipe I found on for a Cranberry Nut Bread. I have to buy the rest because there is just not enough time to make what I’d like to 😦 Then in the mean time I’ll have the Honey-Soy Sauce Chicken Wings marinating along with a Mesquite flavor Chicken Wings that I made over the summer from a store-bought marinade. I’ll have to throw those in the oven some time on Christmas Day for our Christmas Night at my cousin’s house. I’m also bringing the Southerwestern Dip from our El Paso friends!! But also want to make Christmas cookies for my hubby and my girl!! People think as a stay at home mother I have all the time in the world to do all this however I chose things that really can’t be made in advance and I don’t get any cooking done when she is not napping LOL!!

Tomorrow my husband is spending the day with MM and his mom, I’ll have a few hours to myself, its a perfect time to get things made however I can’t make dip, chicken wings and a casserole 3 days early. So instead I’ll food shop, clean, wrap and make some Healthy Minestrone Soup and Christmas cookies!! (Nothing special with the cookies, I can barely bake a breakfast casserole never mind cookies from scratch)

Tonight I’m making Speghetti Squash and Sausage Casserole. Not sure how my hubby is going to like it, I’m going to tweak it a bit because I don’t have tomatoes, I’m going to use a can of diced tomatoes and my sausage is pre-cooked and healthier! When I made it plain he didn’t like it, I’m hoping if it’s more like a “Pasta sauce” he’ll like it better. We shall see! Stay tuned!

Tomorrow will be the Pasta Florentine from none other than the Olive Garden. And Friday is Baked Steak & Mushrooms in the Crock!!! YUMMY week to go folks!!! I’m still looking for moms to feature for January! Check it out…..tell your Journey of Motherhood and be featured with pictures for one week starting in January!