Two days until Christmas so nothing is getting this momma down. My boo is sick AGAIN! My hubby took our daughter to his moms for yesterday afternoon, I was leniant, I wanted her to get her rest, I didn’t want to get my MIL sick, but I did want her to be able to spend the day with her daddy as planned, and of course I did want the few hours to myself this afternoon! I got 4 hours to myself but don’t worry folks, the most I did for myself was sit and drink a cup of tea enjoying the peace and quiet for about 10 minutes. Oh and I did watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, however it took me all day to watch it pausing it between food shopping, going to the liquer store, cleaning the bathroom, baking cookies, and making dinner. Always something to do over here! However it was nice to do all that without having to lug a 14 mth old around. I enjoyed every second of it. My husband called me half way through the afternoon saying he thought our daughter had conjuctivitis……..ugh. Luckily the doc called in a RX and we didn’t have to go to the office. The poor kiddo. Now how do I put eye drops into a 14 mth olds eyes!!?? Wish me luck! Amazing because usually I’d be down in the dumps but nothing is keeping this momma out of the Christmas Spirit!

With doing all that I didn’t get to the Pasta Florentine that I wanted to make for dinner, I made so much of the Skinny Minestrone Soup for my MIL that we are having it for dinner too! The weather wasn’t supposed to be very good this morning, so luckily my MIL told me to stay home and get our little boo feeling herself again for the holidays! 🙂 So we will lay low, I’ll bake my Cranberry Nut bread for Christmas morning and stay clear of the weather!

Tonight is a fun tradition my best friend and I started last year. I had my daughter in October so come December I was really in a need of some girl time, but I had wrapping to do and an infant to take care of throughout the night. So she came over and we drank, I wrapped and we gossiped…..and talked……and gossiped…….the next thing we knew my husband was getting up for work!!! AHHHH it was 4am!!! NOT a very good idea when I had a screaming infant that was going to get up at 7am! LOL….so this year we won’t be too late, plus I switched 2 gifts by mistake, at least I had the booze as my excuse!! So tonight I’m making something I made up on my own because I couldn’t quite find a recipe for what I was thinking of. I’m calling it Beefy Onion & Mushroom Steak Tips (in the Crock) it’s really simple and I’m going to serve it over brown rice. My girlfriend has never tried Steak Tips on the Crock so I told her I’d make something yummy for her. Oh and mudslides for these ladies tonight!! Good way to get the holidays started!!

So I changed 12 Dinners of Christmas to the 12 Dinners of New Years Eve since I didn’t get to finish it by Christmas. There are 3 famous recipes posted already so check them out, I’ve cooked one out of the three but will be trying the other two and posting the final 9 so keep checking back!! Stay tuned for the Top Recipes of 2011, all voted by you guys!! I’ve figured out my top recipes viewed so we’ll do the top 10 recipes for 2011 and the top 10 Posts of 2011 brought to you by Momma’s Meals next week so stay tuned and keep viewing!!

If I don’t get a chance to get back until after the holiday I hope all of my friends, family, and wonderful viewers have a safe and amazing holiday!!!!