Today was an ok day here. My back and stomach has been hurting again, never did get answers from any doctors so I’m left riding it alone with a heating pad, advil and just some good ol’ luck that it’ll go away I guess. MM and I went out and did some returns, spend some of our Christmas money. Got a new toaster, heating pad (LOL) some new sweaters. Our next venture out will be some new bath toys for my babe. Tonight I cooked my version of Sheppard’s Pie. I don’t think I’ve ever served it to anyone but I use ground turkey or ground chicken and cook that with diced onion. I put corn on the next layer. I put a can of poutine (Yes straight from Cananda) and then I cook 3 large sweet potatoes and mash them for the top layer. I sprinkle brown sugar on top, bake at 350 for 20 min and wala!! My husband loves it and so do I, so it’s a win win.

So it’s time to food shop and get started on this new journey, I want to make it a part of life for myself and my family. We all deserve to cheat, we all deserve to skip days at the gym, it’s just the way you go about it I think, for me I think what will work is to loose the 25 lbs I’d like to loose by working my hardest and then allow myself to cheat and skip more days at the gym. I’m not perfect, I’m not trying to be perfect with this challenge I just want to attempt this and blogging about it may motivate others, or even keep myself going.  I heard a great quote today “Always share your story, you never know who your going to motivate.” Well said……I believe in that.

I do have a few momma’s lined up for The Journey To Motherhood I’ll be doing that every Sunday through the month of January (or until momma’s stop volunteering) starting Sun January 1st. So let me know if your interested.

I’ve had a few requests and if your interested in following the exact meal plans that I am doing then I welcome the company, every Monday I’m going to foodshop and post what is for dinner for the week, asking you to do breakfast and lunch with me is insane but I’ll be posting my grocery shopping list incase you’d like to go by mine or at least some of it. That will be posted on Sunday of every week, the first one starts on Tuesday Jan. 2nd. Click here for My First Grocery List. I’ll be updating it throughout this week. Then my first day will look like this:  Day 1 of the 28 Day Challenge.