I’m so ready for this New Year! I reflected a lot last night on where this year has brought me. I’m one proud momma just thinking about it. I am so blessed to have my baby angel in my life. All year I watched her grow, learn, become a toddler. It’s so bittersweet. The more life teaches me the more I realize just what a miracle she really is. My husband and I would love another child, we change our minds every day!! One day I’m thankful for the blessing I have and the next day I miss the baby stage, the next day I want MM to have a little brother or little sister, I have a big sister and it’s amazing. Then the next day I realize how far I’ve come and am so happy with what I have. Oh well we shall see where life this journey of life will take us next!!

So click here for an example of a day in Staying Healthy. I’m using today as an example of what it will look like so keep checking in. Click here for some Inspiring Stories that I will be updating throughout the 28 Days, we all need the support. And click here Grocery List Week 1 to see what my first week will consist of for dinners! I’m going to keep adding to the dinner section to give us more variety, we don’t often have the same meal in one month because I love cooking different things. Though my hubby will be in shock next week when he goes to reach for a snack and I hand him a bag of grapes or carrots LOL!!!

I also added a few new recipes Sneaky Zucchini Chicken Nuggets. I think these are a great way to get kiddo’s to eat a veggie, so I put that under the Appetizer, Chicken and Kiddo Friendly Section. I also posted Slow Cooker Turkey Breast, I’m dying to try this one, I’ve never cooked a Turkey  never mind a baby one in the crock!! And also something else that will be under the Challenge section that looked yummy but healthy! Pecan Crusted Chicken and Stufffed Tomatoes w/Tuna.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll be posting what I’m making for NYE!!!! I have friends coming tonight and they are making a Lamb in the crock, can’t wait to see how that turns out!! Happy Cooking Friends!!!