TGIF is all this momma has to say! I feel like it was such a long week!! So what do you do for NYE when you have a 14 mth old? After staying out 2 hours past MM’s bed time for Christmas we’ve learnt that we aren’t doing that again anytime soon!!!

But here we are after visiting my Nana, mom, sis and godparents we are home finally at  9:30, all my fault, my hubby was sleeping on the floor at 7:30 and I was watching my family enjoy my daughter. Drinking my wine of course, however, that’s one thing I have a hard time letting go of, nothing makes me happier than watching others enjoy my child. It’s just an amazing feeling. They are all laughing and cooing over the things I see everyday, and it makes me appreciate those things all over again.

So since we decided to stay in for NYE we decided to invite a few couples over that have kiddo’s that want to be home early enough to put their kiddo’s to bed too. That gives us time to eat, drink, socialize and still have alone time! So here is my NYE appetizer menu! Soooo excited to make these things tomorrow.

Hickory BBQ Chicken Wings (Crock It)
Hummus Cucumber Dip
Bread Sticks
Mom’s Famous Taco Dip
Ricotta Parmesan Spread
(I’m serving this on cucumbers) and alone w/crackers
Sneaky Zucchini Chicken Nuggets

That’s what I’m making plus a few things from friends. Should be a great night! I’m looking forward to it!! So stay tuned for the New Year, Momma’s Meals has a lot in store for you all!!