This is a crock pot meal that I made up myself because, well 1. it’s simple and 2. it’s my favorite blends!! I’ve been named (from my cousin) the new “Wing” Queen in our family so every family party I’m now responsible for cooking and bringing the wings! I’m fine with that! It’s simple. Here is a little something different….so easy!


3 lbs of Party Wings
1 bottle of Hickory BBQ Sauce
1 Onion; Sliced

What to do:

Place sliced onions on the bottom of your crock pot. Place all fo the party wings on top. Pour the bottle of BBQ sauce throughout the crock pot. (you may not use the whole bottle, it all depends on your taste buds and how many wings you are cooking)
Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours. Or high for 2 to 4. (I prefer low because the slow cooking is the best, plus it’s a bonus to have yo ur house smell amazing!!)
Serve with or without onions.