Ok so below was the results for the Top 10 Pages that were viewed on my site. I have a lot of pages so I figured this was worth looking at too!!

10.) My Home Page – Which my hubby says is a good thing, this topped the charts at 786 views, he says it means people are coming in to view my home page and not just a certain recipe…..so ok sounds good to me!

9.) My Blog…My Life – This one means a lot to me because it means people follow me, I know it’s a great way for my family to see what MM and I do each day. I’m a stay at home mom and Maddie is the first grandchild on both sides of our families so I know how important it is for our mothers to stay in touch with us.

8.) About Me – I guess people want to know about me!! I know when I check out other blogs I go to this page, I like to see a face with the name, I like to know about the person I’m exchanging recipes with!

7.) Crock It– This page is the Crockpot page!! I guess this should tell me that a lot of people crock it like I do!!! That means more to come for 2012.

6.) Kitchen Tips – This page has been temperarily taken off, I had no idea it had that many views, that tells me I need to add more to it and get it back up!!

5.) Easy Meals – This is great to know as well, we all know how it feels to work a long day and just have no energy to come home and cook dinner! Between the Crock it page and this one everyone can have a nice healthy meal in 30 minutes! I will be adding more of this one for sure in the new year!

4.) 10 Day Crock Challenge – I think a lot of people were interested in this challenge I got a lot of viewing that week, doesn’t mean anyone had to do it with me but I’m glad that it was viewed!

3.) Beef Dishes– Hey what can I say, “Beef it’s what’s for dinner!” We’ve got some great Beef recipes here!

2.) Kiddo Friendly – A lot of the people I know are fellow momma’s and I think this section is great when you your child may want to help you bake or even make dinner with you (well I at least hope my little one would like to join me in the kitchen some day) I’ll be adding more to this section come the new year as well.


1.) Appetizers/Party Favs – I love this section because I love making appetizers! We live in a small condo and we can’t hold a lot of room for guests so a lot of the time we’ll have a few couples over and just serve appetizers! Or when your looking for “just that right dish” to bring to a party………..check it out!