These posts are my daily blogs, the below 10 were the most viewed posts of the year! It’s so exciting to know that people follow me throughout my days, my recipes, stories of my life and of course those bad days when all I need is to write and get out some frustrations! Thank you for your support everyone!

10.) Sunday Sunday – This was posted on 11/20/11, it was the weekend of my mother’s surprise party, I had also posted a lot of new yummy recipes!!

9.) Day 2 of the CrockPot Challenge – This challenge was a big hit for momma’s meals, I got a lot of views, it was so fun to cook most of them with my aunt, my cousin even tried a few, we will surly be doing another Crock Challenge in 2012!!

8.) Day 5 of the CrockPot Challenge – Another Crocker post!! This one was the All-In-One Pork Chop Bake. Which I’m proud to say was my own recipe!! I try so many new recipes I never get to go back to our favorites!!

7.) Hello Holidays! – This one had a few great recipes and it was also the introduction to our “Special Holiday Additions” Page, which we’ll keep up for a little longer!!

6. ) Day 7 of The CrockPot Challenge – This was a great day, we did the Slow Cooker Pot Roast Dinner, I introduced our 28 Day Healthy Challenge AND I started the “Easy Meals” Section!!

5.) Friday’s Friendly Meals – I’m so glad this one made the top 10 every other Friday my best friend and I get together and cook a meal so we save money, we get girly time, have some cocktails and catch up. Holidays made it tough to do that but we’ll be continuing with that in 2012. This night we cooked the Baked Parmesean Pork Chops YUM!!!

4.) Day 3 of the CrockPot Challenge – This was a great day to make it into the Top 10 Posts because it was the Honey Glazed Ham!!! Once you cook Ham in the Crock you’ll never go back!!

3.) Day 2 at the Gym for this Momma – I’m laughing over here because this was posted on 11/22/11 and I only made it to day 4 of the gym, I got sick, then Maddie got sick, then mine turned into Bronchitis, it was 3 weeks of torture LOL…however it was also the day that I introduced my Old Fashioned Breakfast Casserole which has been a usual in this house since, AND the Creamy Keilbasa Dish that I’ve gotten raves on!

2.) Surviving Another Stage – This was a post from 11/4/11, that was when we had the huge power outage due to a huge snow storm!! My MM was learning to walk, napping less and had a HUGE case of stranger anxiety! Thanks for letting me vent about this day!


1.) Day 1 of the CrockPot Challenge – WOW, this one got the most views!! How great was that!! It was the night we did the Beef Stew Delight!!