I’m so excited to announce our Top 10 Recipes from all of you viewers! All I did was view my ratings to see what was viewed the most!!! Here they are!

10.)  All-One-Pork Chop Bake – I’m so proud of this one since this is my very own recipe! I made this one up while searching for something that I was hoping to put together and when I couldn’t find it I just made it up and hoped for the best. It was awesome!!

9.)  Wheels Up Pasta – I haven’t made this one yet but maybe I should seeing as it’s a Kiddo Friendly meal and my babe looooves pasta!

8.)  Slow Cooker Lasagna – Wow another Crockpot one! This one was one of my favorites and I plan on making it again, great meal to make while entertaining! 

7.)  Honey Glazed Ham –  This is another Crockpot folks! I will never make a ham any other way after making this one!!

6.) Crescent Christmas Tree – I’m glad this one made it too. One because it was another holiday addition but also because I attempted to make it LOL. Took me awhile to realize I keep burning any kind of Crescent roll because my oven rack was too low! I’ll be trying it again next year!

5.) Beef Stew Delight – Nothing like a good ol fashioned Beef Stew huh!! I love making this recipe during the winter!

4.) Spagetthi Squash Casserole – I’m soooo glad this one made my top 10 because after making it myself this past week I can truly say it was fabulous!! AND healthy!!

3.) Oven Roasted Turkey  –  This was part of our Holiday Additions Menu, which I’m happy about, obviously it’s getting some viewings.

2.) Skinny Buffalo Dip – I haven’t made this one yet but I may just make it soon since it got a lot of viewings!


1.) Wilma’s Holiday Tree – I want to know if anyone really made this, it shocked me that it got the most views, I thought about making it, never got around to it and would love to know if anyone really did??