Happy New Year everyone!! I just love long weekends, I’ve been spoiled with 2 in a row! We just love having daddy home. Last night we had a few couples over for some Appetizers and we let the kiddo’s play. It was nice to be able to socialize with others but still have MM in bed at a reasonable time! TT (my sister) also joined us, she loves her Bubba. So I made a few dips, definetly have some left overs but that’s ok they aren’t bad dips! I made the Humms & Cucumber Dip. That barley got touched but I’m ok with that since it’s a healthy dip I can snack on that all week 🙂 I also made Mom’s Famous Taco Dip. That’s half gone. I’ll leave that one for Andy since it’s not on the 28 Day Challenge menu LOL! I also made the Ricotta-Parmesan Spread, that was barley touched too but I ate some and I loved it, I dipped it with crackers. Of course the biggest hit (for the guys) was the Hickory BBQ Chicken Wings that I made in the crock. So here are some pictures of kiddo’s playing together. We have Jack and Jack LOL, Jack Squared, Miss Madison and Nora is the little one!

Maddie & JackJack & Jack

So we had a great time. Maddie was tucked in by 8 and my hubby and I had sometime to ourselves, or should I say with the Bruin’s….I was a bit bored during that game by the time it was over I had all I could do to keep my eyes opened! So we head to bed around 11:45 YES I fell asleep with 11 minutes left!! HAHA….my husband said when he kissed me at midnight he felt like he was kissing his mother! LOL I said why and he said because I didn’t react, I said I was sleeping!!! Guess he didn’t know!
We are off to his family’s New Years party today. It’s always a good time, Maddie will get to play with some more kiddo’s. All I have to say is I’m so glad he has tomorrow off too!! A day to recoup and have some much needed family time!
So what’s coming up for Momma’s Meals for 2012. LOTS! Starting tonight I’ll be featuring a new momma! Just a chance for moms to tell their own journey to motherhood. I think it’s a great way to bond as mothers and also to know a little more about each others experiences. I still need more volunteers so check it out and contact me to write “Your Journey to Motherhood.” I’ll be posting Jessica’s story later tonight 🙂
Tuesday is a big day for this momma. I start my challenge to hopefully loose a little weight, become more healthy again (I’ve slacked since the summer) and I’m hoping to gain some more energy and just an overall healthier lifestyle for me and my family. So join me in keeping up and cooking some yummy healthy meals! Check out some dishes under the Challenge Lunch/Dinner Recipes.
Don’t forget to check out the Top Recipes of 2011! You’ve all helped in this journey, you’ve all helped get me here by trying recipes, passing on my website and following me as I go through the stages of motherhood!
Also, I’m hoping my hubby will help me in improving my website. I’m gaining more experience and talking with fellow food/mom bloggers and I don’t think my website is up to par so I’m hoping to get some advertising on it and get some more fun and exciting topics going! Feel free to email me if you have any ideas or any recipes to add! I welcome the input!
So from my family to yours………..HAPPY NEW YEAR! HERE IS TO A HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2011