Well I must say when Daddy is home this momma is chopped liver! LOL….Not that I don’t mind actually peeing alone, or cooking in peace but I do miss my cuddle bug. I am looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow, starting this new challenge and getting my family back on the healthy route! I looked at the scale this morning and thought to myself I should weight myself so I can see what progress I’ve made, but then I realized getting on that scale is what makes me feel like crap about myself, this challenge is about making me feel good so I decided to skip the scale. I’ll feel the difference, I’ll know when I’m making progress by the way my cloths fit, then maybe at the end I’ll jump on and be amazed because it’s been so long since I’ve seen a number that low on the scale (Hey I can dream!!) I changed my meals around a bit this week because I was planning on cooking tonight but have decided not to since we have so much leftovers between NYE and my hubby’s family party yesterday! Luckily some of it is salad and the & Cucumber Dip! YUM!!

I also added two recipes that I found from a fellow blogger who likes to eat healthy or “healthify” her meals too. Tomato Stuff Tuna and Beefy Teriyaki Lettace Cups. I’m hoping to get my daughter sleeping one nap a day, it’s been a project with the holidays and such but having one nap a day will make getting to the gym easier and may just give me some peace and quiet for lunch and I can eat more healthier for lunch, I never get more than 10 minutes to make myself something to eat so I think that’s where eating unhealthy has come from since I had my daughter.

So tomorrow brings this momma a new year!!! Hubby took me and the boo out for a late lunch to Olive Garden (Hey mine as well go into this healthy challenge with a few extra calories to loose LOL!!) I’m so excited to start this new year, so many things I want to do. I also posted the Grocery list for Week 1. I apologize for it being so late, I had a hectic weekend.

I also introduced our first momma this morning. Read Jessica’s story of how she came to Motherhood. What an amazing story. I can tell you one thing, this is a great way to show people just how strong woman can be!!