I’d like to introduce our first Momma who has graciously agreed to share her story. Everyone has their own story, their own feelings of becoming a mother for the first time, or even for the second or third time. I was lucky enough to have a local group to help me through the first few stages of becoming a mother, a group of wonderful woman who were experiencing the same things I was, I’ve met some great people through this group and it’s great to see my daughter grow with the same kids. I met Jessica through this group. Her beautiful daughters name is Emilyn, I’ve only met Jessica a few times but I really enjoyed her company and her daughter is a month older than mine. Thank you Jessica for sharing your story with us.

My journey to motherhood started a little over 3 years ago. I have wanted to be a wife and mother for as long as I can remember. I was one of those girls that when my husband finally popped the question the wedding (in my head) was already planned and the baby names picked out. My husband and I were married in September of 2008. I wanted to get pregnant right away but he wanted to wait. But knowing a happy wife is a happy life we tried right away. Nov 16th 2008 I found out I was pregnant. I remember the moment the little stick said positive a hundred thoughts ran through my head … excitement … joy … love and a lot of fear. It wouldn’t be until January of 2009 that I would realize what true fear actually was. At 16 weeks pregnant I checked my self into the hospital because of cramping and heavy bleeding. I saw the little baby on the monitor that day and its little heartbeat was slowly fading away. That night at 9pm I delivered my first born. Braedyn George Shea was born stillborn at 16 weeks and under 1lb. After many blood tests, an mri, ultrasounds you name it we did it. I was told my miscarriage was a fluke and to go ahead and try again. July of 2009 I found I was pregnant for the second time. Overjoyed we immediately started to plan for a March baby. But on August 4th (my husbands birthday) I woke up to find spotting I knew right away that this pregnancy, if not already gone, was on its way to being over. With a trip to the OB my biggest fear was confirmed the baby no longer had a heartbeat. At this point I was defeated, I never wanted to feel this pain again and was ready to give up and very well would have if it wasn’t for Dr. Wasserman at Manchester OB. He made me a deal, he said “let’s try one more thing before you give up.” October 2009 I went for a hystroscopy and a laperscopy. During this surgery it was confirmed that the bicornarte uterus a previous doctor had diagnoses me with was not really bicoronate but in actuality I had a sternum in the middle of my uterus that was not allowing enough blood supply to get to the babies. During the surgery he took out this sternum. With in 2 days I was up and on the road to recovery. With in 2 months I was pregnant for the third time with Emilyn. Emilyn who is now a 15 month old beautiful smart and HEALTHY baby girl. Emilyn my miracle baby and my reason for life. Although her pregnancy was not easy with an emergency trip home from Florida and 10 weeks of solid bed rest do to a tear in the placenta that thankfully healed on its own at 19 weeks. Having to be induced she was delivered on September 23rd 2:14am at  41 weeks 1 day weighing 8.4lbs 20.5 inches long. It was after 17 hours of labor and 3.5 hours of pushing. After all I have been through I would do it all over again to have this little girl in my life. Although I think of Braedyn and Baby B daily I know that they watch over Emilyn and we will all meet again some day.