I can not complain about Day 2 of this challenge, specially since my husband took my baby boo to his moms at 7:30 this morning and didn’t return until 1:30!! That’s aaaaaa lot of momma time guys!! Much needed momma time I’ll tell ya. First time since my anniversary in June that I was able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee by myself!! So tempted to be lazy but I’m proud I wasn’t! I vaccuumed, swifted the floors, did a load of laundry and a load of dishes. Made my healthy lunch which btw was to die for, luckily I made enough to have more another day!! Who said eating healthy stunk?? Not this momma, though I’m not sure I would have been able to make the salad if boo was around, their are just some things I can’t make with her around LOL…this salad took a little time because I had to bake the chicken. I baked it instead of the way the recipe called for and I used more FF yogurt than mayo because I hate mayo (thank god) I was able to prepare our dinner for tonight since my brother-in-law is coming. I also did another On Demand video, it’s funny how you watch a few minutues of it, trying to decide on whether or not you can handle it, second day in a row I did this and half way through I’m feeling like I’m dying LOL!! This was a 40 minute total body workout. Maybe I should stay away from the total body work outs LOL! I’m a little sore from yesterday but the “good” kind of sore not the “can’t get up kind of sore!!” LOL….The only reason I’m starting to feel discouraged is because I can’t finish these work outs! I don’t mind stopping for a few to catch my breath or take a sip of water (which btw how do these woman do these workouts without a sip of water??) but I had to skip out on the last set of the cardio section all together, I actually wanted to quit 20 min into it but I didn’t I kept going even though I stopped a few times, but when she ever said their was one more section of cardio done I literally fell to the floor and said “Over my dead body woman…..literally!!!) OMG….I even felt like vomiting at one point. Am I the only perosn who gets real scared when their heart beats super fast? It freaks me out. I was shaking in the shower (yet again) threw my bathrobe in and landed on the couch!!! Took me a few minutes to feel normal again, or feel good by this workout instead of a complete failure, all I could do to push myself was to think “How many more days of doing these until I can finish a whole one without stopping!!” There is my new goal!!!! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on when I can finish one routine in it’s entirety LOL!!! So here I am hubby and babe back from their visit with my MIL and they are both sleeping!! How lucky am I?? VERY LUCKY. Hubby came home and said “All she did was whine all day, I so feel your pain and feel like you did yesterday!!!” LOL! I love it!!

I was watching an episode from “One Born Every Minute” Anyone watch that show? OMG I ball every time. Again everyone has their own birthing stories, but seeing it is amazing. It make me want another!!! I was thinking of saying to my hubby, f-this challenge and loosing weight lets just get pregnant again and I’ll loose the weight after this one!! LOL. I really missed my boo while she was gone, it’s a nice feeling, I don’t get to miss her much since I’m a stay at home momma. The question is since she slept 40 min on the way home how long will she sleep now!!  Oh and I apologize now I was so hungry come lunch time I forgot to take pictures! AHHH!!!

Ok I added some recipes today that everyone should check out! Zesty Autumn Pork Stew, I love the sound of that one! This one is super simple and super quick and also a Balsalmico Steaks, I see we need some more Beef recipes so I’m working on them!! One more good appetizer for a party or a kiddo friendly meal The Perfect Devil Egg.  I also added a new Inspiring Story to our challenge to give some readers a push off the couch!

I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures today I promise to do better tomorrow!!  

1/2 Cup of Old Fashioned Oat Meal mixed w/a handful of blueberries
1 Tbsp of Almonds
1 Cup of water
1 Cup of Coffee

25 Min On Demand Total Body workout.

Skinny Chicken Waldorf Salad (This was awesome and I’m so glad I made more for another day!!)

Cucumbers & Baby Tomatoes

Low Fat Baked Ziti w/Spinach 
(This was awesome! Soooo tasty even my BIL loved it and he’s a picky eater!)