I know it’s Friday for most of you out there, but not for this momma 😦 Hubby’s gutta work Saturdays until further notice, bummed but need the dough! Today was a struggle to work out, I just didn’t feel like it, Madison has been so off on her naps (Some are 2 a day, some are 1 a day) I never know when I can get out. I wanted to get to the gym for some cardio but she needed a nap come 10 and the daycare closes at 12:30. Sooooo I moved the furniture yet again and went through my On Demand Menu 🙂 At least I motivated myself to do it even if it was only 20 Minutes, let me tell you in those 20 minutes you work your tookas off!! I’m sweating during the warm up LOL!! My gosh 4th day in a row now I’ve been in the shower stopping myself from puking because every muscle in my body is twitching and I feel like passing out. BUT………I did it. Eating good is really starting to feel good too, I don’t even want anything bad, the only thing I seem to crave is carbs, of course the bad ones LOL….But I have yet to give in to a temptation, well except today, I had my Chicken Waldorf Salad on Bread instead over a salad.  However I buy Light Bread. I’ve been getting my list together for food shopping for next week, god I can’t believe I used to plan dinners a week in advance for fun! HA! It’s really hard to, I end up cooking what I say I’m going to cook however I switch days a lot depending on what’s going on and what I have in my fridge that may be going bad come the end of the week.  So here is my total for the day, scroll down to see the individual meals, pics and more recipes!

Calories: 1264  Fat: 22.26g  Carbs: 93.56g  Fiber: 10.94g  Protein: 68.11g
Burned: 206 Calories leaving me with 142 more to spare! I only went over in one category (this system keeps track of how much I’m supposed to be taking in for each category to keep me on track, the only thing I went over was my Choleserol and since my glood pressure was never abnormal, I’m going to let it slide!! 🙂 However I seem to be really low on everything else which I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!!! I’m always worried about the amount of carbs I eat and it says I’m under 156g of Carbs for my daily total………hmmm….hope that means I’ll be dropping some pounds!!

Breakfast:  237 Calories; 6.33g Fat; 26.9g Carbs; 4.96g Fiber; 22.73g Protein
I love this new pan I bought, it’s perfect for controlling your portion, it’s perfect for me to make a scrambled egg for my daughter or even make an egg sandwich and have it be shaped perfectly. This breakfast is half of what I used to eat and I was full!! YAY!
1 Egg 1 Egg White
1/2 100 Calorie English Butter
1/2 Tbsp of Promise Light Butter
1 Cup of Coffee
1 Glass of water with lemon

Morning Workout: Burned 176 Calories
1 On Demand Upper Body Weight program (5 Min)
1 On Demand Upper Body Cardio program (15 Min)
1 Glass of Water with Lemon

Well if you could have seen me doing this workout this morning! Now your probably thinking, 20 minutes that’s all you could put in today……..YEAH. Believe it or not the 5 minute one had me sweating and panting and it was weights! The second one had me panting during the warm up! LOL When you hear the trainer say “ok now that was our warm up” and your already huffing and puffing……….bad!! But I didn’t quit that’s what’s most important. I ate great all day, the feeling of “wanting” to snack is going away. I love dinner time because I feel like they are just regular dinners! I didn’t even have a snack today but come 4:30 my stomach was ready for din din!!

Lunch: 259 Calories; 10.9g Fat; 24.49g Carbs; 4.9g Fiber; 17.9g of Protein
I had to change this one up!! I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t had any bread all week, not that I buy bad bread, I used to buy whole wheat for the fiber, but it’s always high in calories. So come Friday I decided to have a half of english muffin for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. A few extra bites of the Chicken Waldorf Salad after my sandwich was gone and I never even missed the chips or crackers I would normally have with it! AHHHHHHH!!!

Chicken Waldorf Salad
2 Pcs. of Light White Bread
1 Glass of Water with Lemon

Well after awhile of struggling with my daughter to nap this afternoon I gave up and we went food shopping. I love food shopping with her, though she’s starting to get to be “touchy feely” with everything I put in the basket, but nothing is a bigger complement than someone telling you how beautiful your child is, I never leave their disappointed. The recipes I added today was a Creamy Chicken Chowder, this was requested by my aunt, I forgot I had this recipe but just never posted it, this is a good one and it’s on the healthier side. I also added a Healthy Pork Chops Crocked because I want to make Pork Chops next week and found this one that looked gooooood! I’m going to be gone all day tomorrow and tomorrow night so don’t miss me guys! I’ll be posting my list of dinners for next week soon too!! 🙂

Dinner:  280 Calories;  5g Fat;  30g Carbs;  1g Fiber; 27g Protein
The Hungarian Beef Goulash was delicious, though my hubby doesn’t like the Jasmine rice I serve it with, who would have thought he’d like brown rice better than white? LOL!! I’m off to enjoy some time with my hubby as he’s working tomorrow and I’m heading to Peabody to get me and MM’s hair cut and hang out with my fam!! Here is a picture I snapped while unloading groceries….or cabinets!

Hungarian Beef Goulash (1 Serving=1 Cup)
1/2 Cup of Jasmine Rice

After Dinner: 244 Calories ; 12.11 Carbs
2 Glasses of Pinot Grigio