Well This was one crazy weekend and this momma fell off the wagon 😦 I’m disappointed in myself but I promised I’d be honest with my viewers so I’m going to be.


Maddie’s First Haircut             Look at me!                 Abby checking us out!
It started off well but it was the first day I didn’t workout, I had to be out of the house and in Peabody by 11:30 to meet our hairdresser. Madison didn’t know what to think LOL….She was glued to me but she sat their being a good girl the whole time. I can honestly say in the 14 mths that this little one has blessed us with her precense that was the first time she sat their without a noise and not only that, but that fact that she sat in my lap was a gift in itself!! She just looked all around, checking everything out, taking everyone in. She even sat on my lap while I sat under the dryer and made funny faces because she could feel the air blowing on her. She may not have sat still during her own hair cut but she never cried! We visited my aunt and uncle and cousins, for a few hours and ordered lunch…….that’s where it started for me. Who doesn’t have a hard time eating healthy while being away from the home? I spent the summer at my camp……that is a temptation in itself. So now I know what I have to work on! I could have ordered a salad absolutely! But I didn’t….I did however order a Tuna sub intending to eat just the sub. Until I sat down in front of french fries and onion rings! AHHH!!!! Not only did temptation set in it was the first time in a week that I over ate, hey I think that’s good and it really made me see that all week I was eating just the right portions, I used to eat to the point where it hurt, all the time. It made me see that over eating is a lot of my problem. My stomach hurt for hours and I felt like crap getting ready for my friends surprise birthday party. However we left without eating dinner since we were in a rush and after drinks…..many drinks later we were home at 11pm with a pizza! Second whoopsy….but what do you get when it’s that late at night and you are beyond starving??!!

Sunday: My third and final whoopsy….leftover pizza for an early lunch to absorb all the alcohol we had!! I felt beyond guilty but I’ve learnt 2 things here; one, over eating is my problem, though I already knew that, I’m ready to fix it. Two, alcohol equals baaaaad food. So come 4pm the last thing I really wanted to do was cook (plus my pork chops have not defrosted yet!) but I’m back on track, I ate the rest of my Chicken Waldorf Salad and had some broccoli with a new dip I found. It’s onlly 60 calories for 2 tablespoons. YUMMY!!

I can only say that this body needed a rest because I have muscles hurting bad, I should have tried to do some yoga today to strech it out but luckily I have a wonderful hubby that was ok with me sleeping in and also gave me a great back massage because I pulled a muscle that is irritating me. Tomorrow I’m back to letting On Demand kick my butt!!

So we all fall off the wagon, however getting back on it is a good step! normally I’d have given up already!! LOL! Check out the line up for Dinners for Week 2, don’t forget about our new featured Momma as she talks about her Journey to Motherhood! Stay tuned for some new recipes coming up this week!