Ok folks, another busy week for this momma coming up!

Monday – Day 7Crock 3 Bean Chilli – We are having friends over for dinner, I don’t want to slave over a stove, I want to enjoy their company so I’m making a chilli. I met her through my mommy group and her daughter is exactly 4 wks younger than MM so it’s nice to see them play together. She said her and her hubby like Chilli so I’ll serve it with toastito chips (none for me though 😦 )

Tuesday – Day 8Healthy Pork Chops Crocked w/ Apple Sweet Potato Bake I was looking for that perfect side dish to serve with this recipe and I think I’ve found it! We have a Dr’s Appt so I want something I can make a head of time and pop in the oven, perfect!

Wednesday – Day 9 – Orange Chicken Stir Fry w/Basmati Rice This one is a quick put together go to meal for me. I just stir fry chicken tenders with our favorite veggies. I use an Orange flavored stir fry mix that I found in the asian isle at Hannaford’s. Quick, easy and yummy!

Thursday – Day 10Meat Loaf Mini’s – My husband doesn’t like meat loaf but I’m hoping he’ll change his mind….eventually! I love it and every once in a while I make it, he sucks it up and I get to have what I love every now and again! I’m going to serve it this time with the Parmesan Rice I found in the organic aisle that I love. It’s Gluten Free and it’s fewer calories and fat than most other rice.

Friday – Day 11 – Friendly Friday Nights are back!! I’m hoping to convince my girlfriend to make the Vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie, I think she’ll be ok with it so this may change.

Saturday – Day 12 – My husband and I welcome a weekend of NOTHING to do LOL! He is working Saturdays as much as possible for the extra money so I’m going to make him a chicken dinner using the Whole Chicken in a Crock Recipe!! He will love it after working hard for 6 days straight!

Sunday – Day 13 – I’m going to try the Summer Squash & White Bean Saute and see if we like this kind of meal! I think it’s something my Daughter can eat too!