A week folks!! Feels like a year LOL!! Maybe because I feel like I’m starting over after my weekend flub up! It’s ok I’m back on track! I am a bit surprised at how sore my body still is! I seemed to have rentched a muscle in my back leading from my shoulder blade into my neck it’s actually painful

Breakfast: Calories; 404  Fat; 13.72  Carbs; 57.65  Fiber; 8.7 Protein; 16.09

1/2 Cup of Old Fashioned Oat Meal with half a banana (the other half was bad!) handful of blueberries, 1 tbsp of shaved almonds.
1 Cup of Skim Milk

Morning Workout: Burnt 161 Calories
Madison and I bundled up and walked to Rite Aid for a few things, and then checked out the coffee store next door for some new K-Cups. I’d say it was probably close to 2 miles both ways. It was a lot of work getting us both buddled up and taking out the carriage but I’m glad we went, it was nice to get some fresh air and believe it or not my cloths were soaked when I got home! Probably had too many cloths on and it made me sweat LOL!!! She loved it, she relaxed and just layed under the blankets!!

Lunch: Calories; 315  Fat; 12g  Carbs; 35g  Fiber; 7.8g  Protein; 10.3g
2 Cups of Salad greens w/Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cranberries & Nuts and a little feta cheese w/FF Ranch dressing & 1 small 45 Calorie Pita.

Ahhhhhhh for the first time all day I’m sitting down ALONE sipping on a cup of coffee………LOVE nap time!! So last night my hubby and I watched “I don’t know how she does it.” With Jessica Sarah Parker. It was great we both enjoyed it a lot! Great “real life” movie as I call them! We kept pausing it to talk, it was so nice, we hadn’t done that in a long time, just really talked about how far we’ve come as people, as a couple, the future, all the things we used to talk about before we had our daughter, but as we all know how life gets even busier with children. We always say we have to make more time to do that, unfortunatly it involved staying up until 11 to finish the movie! LOL….my poor hunny is up at 4 I felt so bad!

Chilli is cooking, smells amazing! Now I’m watching the Chew and waiting for my soaps to come on, yes I’ve been watching them for years and I’m devestated that OLTL is ending!! Well more recipe additions later this week because I just got my Oxygen magazine in which means great healthy recipes! Stay tuned!

Afternoon Snack: Calories; 92  Fat; 2g  Carbs; 10.9g  Fiber; 5.53  Protein; 10.14g
1/2 Cup of Fiber One Cottage Cheese w/Blueberries

Dinner: Calories; 249  Fat; 4.24g  Carbs; 32.34  Fiber; 16.8g  Protein; 12.68g
Crock 3 Bean Chilli 


Sooooo my friends who came over tonight loved the Chilli, which makes me happy, I love when people love my recipes! I love watching Miss Maddie & Miss Olivia play together they are so stinking cute (pictures come tomorrow!!)  I’m trying another new recipe tomorrow so stay tuned!!! Happy Monday!