So It was suggested of me, by a fellow blogger to try this writers workshop on another bloggers website. Each week she gives an inspirational thought and you choose whichever one you want and you write about it. Then on Thursday we go to her website, add our link and then my website is now on her blog! It’s supposed to help traffic, I give her a shout out, she gives me a shout out and I also get to take a peak at other blogs as well. How cool is that! So I decided to take part in it for a few weeks and see how it goes! 

Mama’s Losin’ ItI chose this first one because it’s about food so why not choose one that has to do with food! Describe a home cooked meal that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This is a tough one, I have A LOT of meals that give me this feeling, hey I love food their is no denying that so it’s only fair for me to admit that all food gives me the warm fuzzies! Their is nothing more satisfying than trying a new recipe and sitting down to taste it. My husband and I often ohh and ahhh a lot because I do try at least two or three new recipes a week. However, nothing gives me the warmest of fuzzies like my moms home made Chicken Noodle Soup!! I don’t even know why, maybe because it gives me a sense of that “Home” feeling, She would always make me some when I was sick, you could freeze a bulk of it for when you are sick, you can just pop it out of the freezer and warm it up. I never did ask for the recipe, probably because no one could make it like she does, I’ve made Chicken Noodle Soup before, I’ve made a lot of soups over my time but this one is just ………well “Moms”.

What Recipe reminds you of “Mom”?