So I came across a problem this morning. While chatting with a friend the subject of pork came up (tonight is a pork recipe) She asked me what cut of pork I was making tonight because she had recently found out that some cuts of pork are loaded with fat and calories. I’m thinking well this recipe came from an on-line source and it listed the nutritional facts, well for the heck of it I went to my fridge to see if the nutrition value was on the package of boneless pork chops I had bought. I was horrified!! 293 Calories and 15g of fat! I had no idea pork chops were that loaded, so I looked up what cuts of pork (if any) were lower in calories and fat, I found Pork Tenderloin, Boneless Loin Chops, not quite sure what that is compared to what I had bought. I went back to to make sure I hadn’t read it wrong but it said what the nutritional info that I had posted. Soooooooooo I’d like to cook something else tonight My husband says he’s dying for steak! Hello Steak isn’t healthy we all know that, I had no idea until I went to the super market today how much fat and calories are in pork and steak! So I’ve added some new recipes. Secret Steak & Veggies, I’m making this with just the veggies, I don’t mind having Steak that may be high in fat and calories but I’ll save myself the carbs and not make a side dish, I love veggies I could live on them! I also found a Baked Oatmeal w/Fruit. I’m on a wicked Oatmeal kick so I can’t wait to make this one, of course I forgot the bananas today! I also added my Creamy Chicken Chowder if I haven’t mentioned that one yet, it’s a healthier chowder recipe and you make it in the crock! I also found another one I thought would be enjoyed by a lot of people Skinny Lasagna Alfredo.

Yesterday was bla….not quite sure why, I’ve lost my motivation 😦 I feel defeated and I haven’t even made it through 10 days of this challenge. I just feel like I’m going to have this “child” pooch forever, maybe I’m just made to be “thick” around the center, or maybe it because I just don’t try enough but I’m extremely tired (I don’t know why I always get plenty of sleep) I could sleep right now! I thought being active is supposed to give you energy? That was one of the things that made me look forward to this challenge, I was lacking energy so bad, but I never gained an ounce last week even though I worked out 4 days in a row. UGH…..

My hubby came home and I begged him to go out with my friend for a few drinks and an appetizer………we won’t even discuss what I ate, I did good for breakfast and lunch, dinner is another story, and no workout 😦 So frustrating to have no motivation. It’s just not like me to not “want” to cook or clean LOL!! So here is to a new day!!!! Day 9!!!! 8 is gone and 9 is here, so let’s move forward. I’m done beating myself up I promised honesty so here it is!!

Well my hubby requested Steak, LOL he said we haven’t had it in a while besides a stir fry so when I run to the store later to get more fruit I’m going to pick him up some steak and make him Steak w/a Creamy Cilantro Sauce. Let’s face it no steak is healthy, now I remember why I lived on chicken when I trained with a personal trainer years ago. UGH….I guess this is why I don’t diet because sometimes you just need a good steak! Well I realized that a lot of my stress yesterday came from sticking to meal plans and all that, I used to plan my meals by the week when Maddie was first-born so I could food shop and keep it as inexpensive as I could, I even stopped doing that awhile back because it stressed me out LOL (Doesn’t take much huh) so since I change my meals so much since starting this challenge anyways I’m going to just post what I’m making each day….since no one joined this challenge with me anyways I mine as well do what I want and cook what I want when I want!! And do de-stress some more (And stretch my back/shoulder out more) I’m going to do my favorite yoga routine later when MM naps. Always seems to help me feel better.

100 Calorie English Muffin
1 Cube of Laughing Cow cheese (Great way to butter toast and keep it light)
1 Glass of Skim Milk

Salad Greens
cucumber Slices
Tomato Slices
2 Tbsp. of Blue Cheese
2 Tbsp. of Light Ranch Dressing

Afternoon Workout:
20 Minute Stretch and Pilates On Demand Workout

I really liked this, I guess a part of what discouraged me is the way I feel during and after the power workouts, during I can barely handle it and then it makes me feel like crap and afterwards I have all I can do to shower without puking. Am I working too hard? Not hard enough? Am I doing the wrong thing……it’s always a battle. This 20 minute workout was nice because the stretching teaches you to break correctly and it’s stress relieving (which I need these days) So though I didn’t really sweat, my body feels great! It’s one of those routines I’d love to do first thing in the morning, I don’t know about you but my body is so stiff when I wake up these days, it’s horrible. Or it’s I might try to do this video after a work out, let me unwind and stretch out my muscles!!

Afternoon Snack:
2 Cups of Veggies (Carrots, Broccoli & Peapods)
2 Tbsp of Cucumber Dill Dip (65 Calories)


My new addiction! I want to be that person that reaches for the Veggies and dip at parties going forward! Maddie slept 2 hours and 45 min today! This was the most peaceful afternoon this momma has had in a VERY long time!!

Secret Steak & Veggies
1 Glass of Pinot Noir


OMG it was AWESOME!! And even though the pkg of meat said 260 Calories & 18g of Fat I can cut that in half because I only ate half of the steak! Yay! It was so tasty, I highly recommend this recipe if you’re a steak person! I cut out carbs by only serving it over veggies!! YUM!!!! My hubby said “Hey you never vote your recipe so tell me what you think 0-10 so I gave myself an 8, he gave it a 9!!! LOL!!

Well since we are finally (can’t believe I’m staying this) getting some snow tomorrow I plan on making my famous Skinny Minestrone Soup for lunch and Salsa Meatloaf Mini’s for dinner! Happy Wednesday to you all!