I’ve actually been waiting for it to snow so I could take Maddie out in it and see what she did! I think she may be like her momma LOL she was shivering within 5 minutes!

She so stinkin cute. I took a video for daddy! 🙂 Thanks to him we get wonderful days like this together. Soooo it’s a great day for soup! My Skinny Minestrone Soup is cooking as I type! I was going to make Salsa Meatloaf Mini’s but I think I’ll save that for Saturday because I’m liking the idea of the soup!!! YUM!!! Yesterday Maddie set a record and napped from 12:30 to 3:15!! But we went out, today we are having a PJ Day and she was rubbing her eyes at 10! By 12 while I was putting the soup into the crock she was bugging me for lunch so I made her lunch, then made myself lunch and she’s still whining and bugging me I said OK so I put her in at 12:20 she was out by 12:21 LOL….I can get used to these 3 hour breaks!! I can only hope for the same today!

1 Thomas’s Bagel Thin
1 Egg, Scrambled
1 Egg white, Scrambled
1 Pc of 2% American Cheese
1 Cup of Skim milk


This is one of my favorite breakfasts as you can tell, I always teeter with this one and the oatmeal, I go to the oatmeal when I’m feeling lazy LOL….This weekend I’m going to try the Baked Oatmeal w/Fruit! YUM!

1 Morning Star Veggie Burger
2 Pcs of toasted Light Bread
2 Slices of Tomato
4 Cucumber Slices


I actually love these Veggie burgers (So does Maddie) they are very filling too. I didn’t even finish the cucumber I cut up to have with it so I’ll have them later for my snack! I’m a slacker I didn’t work out today 😦 Well I did have to drive my truck up to our visitors lot then carry my child back because she wouldn’t walk in the snow HAHAHA! By the time I got back to my condo I was out of breath and my arms killed, hey she’s over 25 lbs now!!

I’m watching The Chew today because they are cooking meals under 250 Calories and I plan on posting a few of them for people! Also Harley Pasterneck, he is a celebrity trainor and also the new co-host of the show The Revolution that premeires next week, I swear I’m boycotting it because it’s taking the spot of one of my favorite soap operas!! Here was a few tips I found interesting:  

-Horseradish (or wasabi), Citrus & Salt open up your taste buds and are obviously healthier. Eat slow!!!
-The quicker you eat the slower it takes to settle (longer to feel full and stop!).
-When working on the midsection (abs) don’t just concentrate on crunches you have to work all areas of your midsection (aka love handles!).
-When your first starting to work out pick a cardio routine that you enjoy. The harder you work the more you burn. Intesity & duration.

So here are the two recipes I found the most appealing from the show! I liked the Roasted Chicken one too and once I get past of the fear of stuffing a chicken I’ll post that one! LOL….Something about gutting it and stuffing it that grosses me out! Sweet Potato Tuna Melts and Guilt Free Nachos!! Both dishes under 220 Calories!!

Afternoon Snack:
8 slices of Cucumbers
2 tbsp. of Cucumber Dill Dip (65 Calories)
1 1/2 Cups of Skinny Minestrone Soup

Before I head to bed tonight I’m going to be making this new recipe I found, it’s called Slowcooker Ultimate Oatmeal. Breakfast will be ready in the morning for this momma! So now it’s time for the Bruin’s game, some wine, and some serious updating on the site! G’Night folks!