Unfortunatly I’m not getting the amount of views I was hoping for with this challenge (I know it’s boring LOL!) However I am going to continue it on my own and I will keep you posted but it takes way too long each day for the amount of views I’m getting. But don’t worry I have other ideas brewing and my hubby and I working on updating the site to give me more options and more viewers! A lot more challenges up ahead for this momma, I’ll definetly be doing the Crock Challenge again because that was a big hit, only 2 bites on the soup off, that’s ok we’ll get their eventually. I’m even going to be taking part in other blogger challenges and sharing their yummy recipes with you all. I’m also starting a “Date Night”. We all know how it feels to have your relationship challenged by the presence of kiddos. My husband and I had a huge discussioon about this while I was still pregnant. I read an article about how to maintain your relationship as a couple, to keep your marriage just as strong as it was the day that you said “I Do.” So we always make time for us 2, we also make time for family days for the 3 of us as well. We had a summer full of date nights since it was all so new to us we had dinners out often, went to 4 Redsox games, went to a Bruin’s game in the fall, friends parties, family parties and BBQ’s sometimes MM comes and sometimes we go alone. Well it’s winter, we are trying to save our pennies for a house some day so I’m thinking of other ways to have date nights, one of my ideas was dinner once a week at home after the baby goes to bed. I love cooking so why not just do it a little later and cuddle up and watch a movie. So once a week I’ll share my Date Night with you! (well not all of it 😉 I’ll tell you what I cooked and when we watch a movie I’ll give the review on it as well! So stay tuned for the upcoming Date nights! First one starts tonight!!

Well my hubby has been working really hard lately, 6 days a week, longer hours away from home, away from his girls, then yesterday almost cut his finger off, luckily he ended up with 4 stiches and 2 days of light work. Tomorrow night is a Bruin’s game and the Pat’s game so I’ll be here adding new recipes! So tonight must be a Date Night!!!!! I’m going to make his favorite, chicken wings! I don’t eat chicken on a bone but I’m just going to throw the wings and 2 breasts in the crock and add our favorite Hickory BBQ sauce! I rented a movie “The Help” I just finished the book last night and my MIL said the movie was awesome so I can’t wait to watch it. So now…..what to serve with the Hickory BBQ Chicken….hmmm….

Well our afternoon was entertaining LOL we had to walk back to the empty lot in our complex to get my truck (remind me, the next time my hubby offers to go get my truck at night to take him up on it!!) then we take off to Hannaford’s (yes again) the disadvantage of eating healthy means fresh fruits and veggies every few days! Plus wine of course! We walk out and get stuck in a down pour, well I did because it takes me 15 min to strap my daughter in with her winter jacket on!! I silently hope and pray that I do slip and fall while I’m holding her because she refuses to walk in the snow (odd I know….) Then we get into our building and I get my key stuck in the door! Oops…used the wrong key! I was starting to panic a little because I forgot my phone! I finally thought I’d just leave that key behind and take the rest to get in but then quickly remembered that others wouldn’t be able to get in and out either, then I thought I’d prop the door open with the dry ice in the corner then I can call the manager……….UGH after much frustration I finally got it out!!!!!!! My kiddo wouldn’t eat lunch she’s so tired by 1130 she won’t eat!! Well I gave in and gave her the blueberries that she always wants, I swear the kid is going to turn into a blueberry if she keeps eating them this much LOL!! Sooo here I am watching it snow one minute, rain the next and the sun shine the next waiting for the last airing of my soap opera OLTL……….so bittersweet!!! Today is also my dad’s birthday 😦 There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him, that I don’t look at my baby girl and wish so badly that he could hold her in his arms…..that’s ok I’ll just hold her twice as much just for him……Happy Birthday Dad thank you for looking over us!

Ok well I decided to make one of my own recipes to go along with our chicken that contains a starch (for the hubby) and veggies for me (my fav broccoli) Broccoli & Chedder Skins.

Tonight’s movie is “The Help” I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s made a pretty big debut. I just finished reading the book yesterday (FINALLY) I kept begging my hubby for just 15 more minutes of peace so I could finish it! It was really good, I wasn’t sure if I could get into it at first then of course the movie came out as I was just starting it, so I’m really glad that I decided to wait it out because the book is always better than the movie!! I recommend it! Now to see how the movie is going to be, if anyone would like to borrow the book just let me know I’ll send it to you! Sometimes you can’t just get into the a book, for example I couldn’t get into “Eat Pray Love” However, I loved the movie. Go Figure! 🙂