Do I even watch either of them……I’d be lying if I said yes LOL….but I am sitting here while my husband watches them, switching back and forth. Honestly, this is my favorite thing to do, sit here & write, watching my hubby do what he loves. I love seeing him so happy and I enjoy it by either reading a book or being on line. Yes tonight was a cheat meal so we had pizza, but I have a nice Oatmeal Bake planned for first thing in the morning!

First thing is first………….MOVIE REVIEW!! “The Help” AWESOME movie, I was telling my grandmother all about it today when I handed her the book. I’m just so amazed that people were that bad back in the 1950’s it’s horrible. Now I loved the movie, but YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK FIRST…….If your not a big reader than fine, but the book is so much better and offers so much more detail than the movie does. My poor hubby who has worked 6 days 2 weeks in a row laid their with toothpicks in his eyes trying to stay awake and watch it with me, finally by the middle of the movie I told him I would not be upset if he went to bed (usually I get pissed LOL) but I could see him struggling and he was doing it for me, but he said No…..that he was into the movie so he watched it through the slit of his eyes LOL!! He made it though. (guess who made it into bed first?? LOL) and I don’t mean 11ish I mean like 930 but the poor guy gets up at 4am!! So tomorrow is my morning to sleep in, the babe doesn’t wake until 7ish and sleeping until 7ish is HUGE for the hubs. I often sleep until 9ish on Sundays!!

OK sooooooooo what’s up for Momma’s Meals. The hubby and I are working on updating the site so I can get out “their” more. I’ve been navigating around other bloggers site, digging a bit deeper…..I’m amazed at how well people’s sites are. But it seems like I’m doing it all right. The one “club” I want to join, which would get my site out their big time has certain “critarea’s and the one that I don’t have is that all the pics have to be mine and I confess that all of them are not mine right now, which means I have to make every single thing on my site!!! Which I will eventually but the more I keep adding the longer it’ll take me to join that “club” UGH….. I will be adding a new section from now until the Superbowl for great recipes to take to parties or to host your own. I’m not sure what we are doing yet, no one wants me because I talk through it LOL, maybe I’ll invite my sister and mom up, my sister tolerates my talking if her buba is their (aka my daughter) and my mom would gossip with me because she doesn’t do football either but we shall see. But stay tuned for that section!!

So MM and I headed to my Nana’s house today to meet her and my mom for lunch. Maddie again clung to my leg (this is me rolling my eyes) not only could I not leave the room without her screaming, I couldn’t leave her side, and if she left mine……she’s quickly turn around and start panicking if she didn’t seem me (Hmmm and I wonder if she’ll have my anxieties! LOL) So I really have to get off the On Demand workouts and get her back to the gym to the daycare since she was doing so well with that! UGH, I don’t know why I’m complaining it will be good for me! She finally ventured out a bit (got off my leg and actually sat on the floor to play) about 2 hours later!! FINALLY my mom and grandmother were able to enjoy her!

Ok so while the Bruin’s and Patriot’s play I’m busy adding recipes for you guys! Happy Saturday and Happy cooking!!