I know their are a few other mommy’s out their that are batteling their stories, traveling down memory lane to how we all become mommy’s isn’t always easy, I look back on mine and realize how lucky I am that it was wonderful. Not every journey is wonderful, however it’s a journey, no matter what it’s your journey. So while I’m waiting for those momma’s to gain their confidence and write their stories I decided (Ok it was my husbands idea actually) to find someone famous, someone everyone knew, someone I admired and write her journey myself from articles and books.

Jenny’s Journey to Motherhood

We all know Jenny McCarthy, author, mother, activist, if I went on it would take all day to list who she is. For me, when I was pregnant I was handed her book from a pregnant friend saying it was a must read “Belly Laughs, The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth.” I was already laughing 3 pages into it. She was honest and blunt with how pregnant woman may feel, she told stories of times with her husband, her journey to motherhood from start to finish. Then she wrote “Baby Laughs” The Naked Truth about the First Year of Motherhood.” Now I haven’t read that one, I wish I did, I didn’t even know she wrote it until I started this article! Then she wrote “Life Laughs, The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage & Moving on.” She takes you through the stages of all of the above! I love her honesty and how she makes it fun. I admire her because that’s how I’d love to be (hey I’d love to be famous) I’m a fan of honesty, why should these woman know that the gas is so bad when your pregnant that their will be times you force your husband to leave the room??! I wish someone had told me that!

Her journey started off with as she says in her book, that her husband and her felt “unnatural” doing anything that may upset the making of this baby so to whisper the words “Slap my ass honey” was wrong, nothing but missionary for this couple, and sure enough a few weeks later came the results. She was away with her husband on business and the book starts off with them in a restaurant for dinner, and it’s funny because at the time she didn’t know she was pregnant! Which of course at first none of us do, she talks about how famished she is waiting for……..bread…just bread, and I remember feeling the same way, I had to eat every 2 hours if not more!! She brings you through her pregnancy with nothing but honest facts! I feel like we had the same prengnacy only for me minus the queasiness, thank god! LOL…..Her 9 months were not as peachy as mine it seems.

After a long labor and 2 and a half hours of pushing Jenny was rushed for an emergency C-Section because her baby’s heart beat was weakening. The baby came out and wasn’t breathing. In her words “A nurse moved out of the way, and I saw my baby lying on a table, blue and not moving. People were all around, giving him oxygen, slapping him, saying Come on, little man, breath, That’s when I stopped breathing. It’s cliche because it’s so true: The world went into slow motion as a minute went buy with no baby cries. My husband was pale as a sheet. If it weren’t really happening to me, I’d have thought this was a bad TV movie.

“All of a sudden I heard a waa waa was crying! I wanted to jump up and down and scream, but I was still tied to the table. My husband walked over to the baby and ran back to me to tell me how cute he was. Then he went back to the baby to introduce himself. On my side of the room, nerves, medication, and exhaustion set in, and I began vomitting all over the place. ANother lovely sight. But I didn’t care what the hell happened to me as long as my baby was ok.”

“Once they had our baby all clenaed up and ready fo rhis closeup, my husband walked over to me and showed me my li ttle boy wrapped like a burrito. I cried and cried. THey unstrapped my hand so I could touch his little cheek and give him a peck. I couldn’t believe my eyes I said Look at him honey; he blinks. To see the baby blink and look at your makes it so much more real than the kicks in your belly. Chills came over my body as I started to feel a new chamber in my heart growing. My husband’s face glowed like he had seen the gates of heaven open, and we stared in awe at the most beautiful thing we had every seen.”

“Having a child is life-changing and so incredibly beautiful. You are about to experience the best of what life has to offer. The ability to GIVE life….and frankly, I’m jealous of the intesity and you will be feeling. I had a rough year, but as I said at the start, I would do it all over agian in a second, and maybe I will…………Welcome to the best job you will ever have: Mommyhood.

Now we all know that Jenny McCarthy’s son has autismn and how much research and investigation she has done to conclude these results and what has happened since he was diagnosed and I won’t get into that part, it’s not the point of this story I just wanted to share her journey of conceiving, pregnanacy and birth with you all……Again, we all have our stories. Even famous people do.