I can’t believe it’s Monday already……..ugh. This just makes me see how much I hate when my hubby works Saturdays. It’s just not enough time. So here is what this momma made over the weekend!! Baked Oatmeal w/Fruit. I loved it, Maddie loved it (Look at that face you thinks he loved it or what??!!) I put too many blueberries in it, not for MM though since she’d turn into a blueberry she has so many! I had to cut down because I got sick of the blow out diapers LOL!!

Let’s see what else, I made Hickery BBQ Wings for my hunny because it’s his favorite. I even threw in 2 chicken breasts in because I don’t like chicken on a bone, it was so moist and fell apart with my fork! I made them with the Broccoli & Cheddar Skins. The funny story with these was I was thinking of something to serve the BBQ Wings with, however I didn’t have Russet Potatoes so I used the red Potatoes I did have. of course they weren’t as good because the skins are so thin however I hollowed out a little of the potato and was able to put some of the low fat cheddar cheese and a few pieces of broccoli on each potato….they looked funny but they were still yummy!! I’m going to try them with the Russet potatoes next time though! I was away for most of the day on Saturday but come Sunday I ended up making Skinnytaste.com’s Crock Pot Southwest Turkey Meatballs and served it over some linguini. They were awesome, good taste, moist, the only thing I’d add next time I think is some chopped onion, but then again I chopped onion to everything LOL! I also added more sauce because it wasn’t enough for the meatballs to cook in. I also made Pizza Bites. I made this up based on a recipe I found from a fellow blogger. I do want to try her recipe the next time though mine were yummy! I had a can of Crescent bread sticks in my fridge so I just took the 2 pieces of dough and instead of twisting them to make a bread stick I rolled them together with a little flour, adding a little pizza sauce, like a teaspoon. Sprinkled a few mini turkey pepperoni’s on each one and sprinkled a little low fat mozzarella cheese on each one. Then I just rolled it up and made it into a little ball making sure nothing was showing from the inside. Baked them at 350 Degrees for like 7 mintues! YUM!!!!! They made a great appetizer to our pasta dinner! YUM!!!! Try it! Next time I’m going to try them with pizza dough which is what the original recipe called for.

I went to a children’s play place today, I never thought how crazy packed it would be given the fact that their was no school today, but one of my good friends was off from work and we love when the girls can play together. They had fun, I’m trying so hard to get her out more and playing with other kiddos. One thing though?? How can you go to those places and not watch your kids??? Their is one section of the place that is for crawlers, their is another section for 3 and under, then a huuuuuuuge section, the majority of the place that’s for 4 and up….if you saw your kid playing in the section where you see kids that can barly walk or if you saw your kid throwing things in the section where babies are crawling wouldn’t you say something? I would! I slowly looked around me and saw one mom reading in the corner, OK seriously who goes to a place like that to read a book? Then saw another group of moms sitting in a circle talking, now do we go to these places so us moms can get out too? Absolutely!! We’d go insane if we didn’t, all I’m asking is you to watch your kids for crying out loud, my 15 mth old doesn’t know to move at the end of the slide so your 6 year old can come crashing down and knock her over!! OK I’m done venting now LOL!!!

Tonight I’m cooking a Chili Roasted Turkey Breast (I’ve never cooked a Turkey before at all so wish me luck!) I’m also making Maple Almond Sweet Potatoes in the Crock, sounds yummmmm!! My hubby is going to be sooo happy! Turkey dinner on a random Monday night!! I’m also adding more Super Bowl Yummies and more recipes in the Crock It section since I’m getting a lot of views on that page!!

Last but not least! Our featured momma of the week!! I had to write a story on someone else because I still have some undecided momma’s that are contemplating telling their stories and I don’t want to give up yet!! Sooooo I wrote about an Actress that I’ve always admired but mostly because she’s the author of a book I read while I was pregnant. Yup Jenny McCarthy’s Journey to Motherhood folks!!