I awoke to 2 inches of snow, it was ok, days like this don’t bother me like they used to, I don’t have to shovel it, I don’t have to drive in it, I don’t even have to look at it if I choose not to! That is just one advantage of being a SAHM. Let’s think of some more for fun while I sip my coffee watching my daugther eat her pineapples, eggs and ham. How about always being able to be in your PJ’s, well sometimes that can get a girl down however when I have days like that I just get out….(Yes I do throw on jeans still) or I ask my best friend for dinner and drinks that week. Hmmm what’s another, COOKING!! Yes I get to put way more time and effort into my cooking!! Can any of you name more?? Come on go crazy! How about your working mommas, what would you love if you got to stay home? I’ll leave you with this picture of my curious daughter wondering if she should be scared of the plow guy!





When my babe naps well I get a lot done so this momma put dinner in the crock, yes I’m making Parmesan-Sage Pork Loin AGAIN lol, it’s a go to favorite, instead of throwing potatoes in it I’m making it with our favorite Parmesan Gluten-Free rice pilaf that seems to be lower on calories and fat than most rices (sold in the organic section not gluten free). I also got a lot of research done on getting my blog out their to, what I like to call “Foodie Blog World” It’s so fun to see other people’s pages and it’s just made me realize how much I enjoy doing this and how can I make it better. I paused for a salad topped with my famous Humus & Cucumber Dip. My new favorite lunch! I don’t know where my cousin found this recipe but no one liked it this summer when she tried to make it at one of snack nights sitting by the fire at the camp. (oh just wait until camp season begins!) However I love it and it means one thing……..there is always plenty for her and I!!



We didn’t venture out this time like we did the last time we got snow. I just wasn’t feeling it and MM isn’t white sure what to do in the snow anyways, one of these days when daddy is home I’d like to bring her sledding!! The other day I really just needed to get out for a bit so I always call on my bestie and luckily she wasn’t working and we headed out. Then my daughter did one of those things that makes all the stresses and challenges of motherhood all work it. She picked up boot that was laying next to mine and handed it to me!! If I didn’t need to so desperatly get out I would caved and stayed home it was so stinken cute!




So back to what I investigated today…..I guess I need to start taking part in some “Linky Parties” they call it, it’s when other food blogs have contests, give-aways, certain nights that are designed for guests to post what they want and as long as we insert their blog we get to insert ours on their site, it’s like free advertising!! So that will be my new venture hopefully starting tomorrow with “What’s Cooking Wednesday” by http://shanrev.blogspot.com/ I have to think of one of my favorite recipes and post it tomorrow (hint hint I think I’ll pick the Slowcooker Lasagna!). Can’t wait!! 

So another yummy meal has come and gone, sorry I didn’t get any new recipes posted, I had a lot to get done today and a lot of it was research! But here are some pics from dinner! The last one is my hubby’s to go plate for tomorrow’s lunch he often says that lots of guys are jelous of his fabulous lunches!! Score for this momma!! Specially when one of his co-workers was first to sign up for my site, I’ll never forget that you know!


We all know as moms that you can get one sentence written and hear a cry, get one page read and hear a “Maaamaaaaa!!” Like for example, I always start writing my blogs in the morning, continue throughout the afternoon and finish when my Daugther hits the hay!! Now it’s time for some cuddles with my other girls…….this is my Cally. She was my cuddle bum before my daughter came along, the poor thing has taken such a back seat but I’ll tell you she’s first in bed with me and first out of bed the second the kiddo is asleep LOL!!!




Ok well this momma is signing off, I have to admit I need to go watch the bachelor from last night!!! YES I’m a fool!! Happy Tuesdsay my friends!!