This momma is going places!! Ok Momma Meals is slowly getting out their, slow and steady wins the race and from what I’m reading, a lot of momma’s start off this way so here we gooooooooooooooooo!!!

What’s on the agenda for this momma today?? Well I’ll be putting in the Parmesan-Sage Pork Tenderloin in a bit! Yes we’ve made this a few times but I have yet to get my own pictures, got to start somewhere! I’m picking another Crock-It meal tonight, I have a house to clean and the market to get to! We’d like to get Trader Joe’s that just opened up a few towns over, we have yet to check that place out. Also today I’ll be taking part in a Writers Workshop when you given a question and asked to write about it…..I write on Tuesday and get to post it on another bloggers site on Thursday! I’ll also be starting my own Linky Party as the blogger world calls it…..hmmmm now I need a creative name for it! One favorite new dish every week the same day. I’ll be working on this because I’ll generate more readers and add their links to my blog as well……..if you think of a good name for my Linky Page do share!!!

Off to start our day, we will return tonight with pictures of our Din Din!!