So…..half way through the week, well for the most part, my hubby is working Saturday, AGAIN but promises he’ll be off next Saturday so that’s good! So what’s going on in my kitchen today?? Crockpot Pot Roast. YUMMY….the seasoning of this recipe is sooooo tasty, Last time I cooked it the meat was a bit tough but the flavor of it was to die for, I’m giving it another shot nothing like when you meat falls apart with your fork!! My Mother-In-Law is coming over for dinner and she loves Pot Roast so I’m interested to see what her opinion is!

What did this momma accomplish today….well I signed Momma’s Meals up for our very first twitter account, not sure I really like it but if it helps us get our name out their than I’ll do it! So follow this Momma! This is all new to me! I also took part in “What’s cooking Wednesday” Which is a linky party every wednesday by I shared my Crockpot Lasagna, I’m definetly picking my favorite recipes for these posts! Ones I’ve cooked a few times, have pictures of and most importantly ones we loved!! Then I took part in (Yesterday) another Linky Party for “Tasty Tidbits Tuesday” from the following site!

Permanent Posies

So I’ll be trying some of these fun things everyday to see if I can get some more views! If you see on the left hand side of the pages are now links to my favorite food blogs!! Also a special thanks to a friend I went to highschool with and his wife who posted my link on their FB pages, I’m pretty sure it’s why my views have been so high lately!! So a big thanks them 🙂

Ok what else is going on in my kitchen this week? I added another Chicken Recipe for a fellow FB friend that was looking for a certain recipe. Cambpell’s Lemon & Broccoli Chicken. And I think the Pizza Bites I posted the other day are worth taking a look at because now I have great pictures to show them off! Well tomorrow I’m going to be trying a new Lemon-Pepper Chicken recipe, not quite sure which one yet I think I’ll search some of my favorite blogs for one and help them out like they help me out. I’m also in the hunt of a gluten free chilli to bring to a party and I’m making chicken/tuna salad recipes for lunch on Sunday for me and my hubby’s mom, I’d like to find a new recipe for that too!

Well my hubby and my MIL loved the Pot Roast…….AAAAAAND….so didn’t my boo!!