Hello World!!

Yes you heard me right, I’m being featured! As I mentioned yesterday you’ll notice on the left hand side of all of my pages I’m starting to have other blogs advertised their, well that’s for your benefit and for mine as it will increase my views since my blog will be on theirs. When I first started blogging I became a member of www.cookeatshare.com I’ve been navigating around and adding recipes little by little, well now that I’ve finally figured out how to put other peoples blogs on mine I can be featured! Slowly I’ll be getting out there!! So remember to check me out! Also, I signed up for Pinterest so I’m adding my recipes their so all you Pinterest fans can start repinning and helping a girl out! As I cook I’m making sure I’m taking my own pictures because on the larger websites you can’t join unless all of the pictures on your site are your own so I’ll get their slowly!! Today I guest posted on Life as a Mom Recipe Swap! http://lifeasmom.com/ her theme today was list your favorite Squash recipe so of course I gave them my very favorite!! Spaghetti Squash and Sausage Casserole. YUMMY!! I also joined another blog site called http://en.petitchef.com/ I had never heard of it before but they contacted me so what the heck right!! I’m also trying to get my blog featured on www.foodieblogroll.com but I think that’s going to take time because you have to be a favorite and I just joined!! Big things coming for this momma! And hey if not, I have a nice place for all of my stored recipes! 🙂

So after a busy day with a great play date this momma had all she could do to get some more stuff done to get my blog out their. I had chicken out to make a new recipe I added called Lemon Pepper Chicken Casserole. However after a blow out diaper that ended in a bath, laundry going, the dishwasher that hadn’t been emptied yet, and my husband walking through the door I became a bit overwhelmed since I didn’t get anything done, so when he said lets order out, who am I to say no!! (Don’t worry I’m staying healthy!) So I will make the chicken tomorrow, I’m going to make extra for my ladies luncheon I’m having on Sunday with my fam so it all works out. So come back tomorrow to see pics of this awesome Casserole!!

I hope that my friend doesn’t mind that I talk about her I just wanted to say how much she made me feel the good I’m doing with creating this blog, that my honesty and dedication is appreciated sooooo since it was her great idea to get out onto Pinterest (Pinterest Button to come soon, once I figure it out!) I’m going so thank her very much and look for some yummy vegan recipes for her so she can stop cooking for her husband and cook for herself 🙂 Thank you Momma you made my day today!!

We have a busy weekend ahead but not too bad so I’m hoping to get some more accomplished because I want to stop the upgrading and get back in that kitchen and adding to my selection!! That’s the fun part! I’m out for now, Chicken Casear Salad wrap here I come!! (no dressing…ugh) So boring!