Another Friday upon us friends! I have some great things I’m making this weekend, I’m trying the recipes that are already on my site because I really need my own pictures on here so that’s why I haven’t really been adding any, which bums me out because that’s what I love to do! I better get cooking! So tonight was supposed to be the Lemon Pepper Chicken Casserole I made up myself because I couldn’t find one that I really wanted, I wanted a dinner all in one dish 🙂 LOVE them. However once my friend mentioned she was having chicken enchilada’s I automatically started wanting Mexican, I’ve avoided Mexican and Chinese for wks not trying to get into the healthier life style. So my husband texted me and said how about Margarita’s and Chicken on Baked Toastido’s! I even have green chilli’s I responded back, and I won’t hesitate to make a few Pizza Bites either since we found a whole wheat bread!! Turkey mini pepperoni’s and low fat shredded pizza cheeze! Now we just have to wait for MM to go to bed so we can watch our shows (more on them later!) Tomorrow I’d like to make my hunny the Meatball Spaghetti Soup I posted awhile ago, he has to work again so I’d like to make him something warm and yummy, maybe I’ll serve it with our new favorit! Sooooo good! Then Sunday I’m having the favorite woman in my life over! My mother, my MIL, my sister, my grandmother and my best friend! I’m a lucky momma! I’m going to make my very first Chicken Salad, I still can’t find a recipe that I LOVE so I may just make my own, I’m picky because I like my chicken really chopped up (I’m not a fan of chunky chicken salads) and I use very little mayo because I’m not a big fan of that either. And I’m also going to try the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, complements of I posted that a long time ago and never got around to making it but I figured I could make that Saturday night and we’ll be good to go, mom is bringing her famous Chicken Soup!! It’s going to be a good day! Then Sunday night I wanted something easy to make so I’m going to try a new stir fry, I think this is good for anyone that loves spice! I know my hubby does and I’m ok with it every once in awhile so I’m going to hopefully try the Mexican Style Beef and mix some broccoli in it! Wala…..!

Well I posted my recipe for my Hickory-BBQ Chicken Wings on another website today as a Pot Luck Friday!!! Got some other great recipes from fellow bloggers that I can’t wait to share too, this one is called EKat’s Kitchen. every Friday she has a PotLuck section where people can post their favorite recipes, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my wings so I decided to bring them to her PotLuck dinner tonight 🙂 (aka computer wise of course).

I’ve spend a lot of time this week getting my blog out their, so for the rest of the afternoon and evening I’ll be spending it with my boo. She loves to play catch, be pushed around on her bike (that took months to actually like) and of course riding up my butt!! I know I know everyone keeps telling me that years from now when she’s a teenager and wants nothing to do with me I’ll wish for these times back. Times when I get to have an audience while I pee, times when I’m trying to cook but end up tripping over toys….well and her, times when she wants to help me do EVERYTHING and it takes me twice as long to fold laundry because she wants to “help” LOL, times when she literally does walk right into me whe I stop!! Though these “times” drive me nuts, though these “times” can make me loose my patience, though these “times” can make me drink wine at night, I still love them. Every single one of them.

Here is a good story. I’m never out of the room for more than a second when she knows I’m gone, so I know she’s always right behind me, well the other day she was happily content playing with something so I went into my bedroom to put some laundry away, a whole minute went by I couldn’t believe it! LOL…when I heard her drop her toy (aka she realized I wasn’t their anymore) I dove on the floor between the side of the bed and the wall (yes I hid, strickly as a joke) I heard the pitter patter of feet up and down the hallway, into each room at least 5 times, she didn’t cry but I layed on the floor cracking up, I don’t know why I found this so damn hilarious but I did. Finally after maybe 5 mintutes I heard her start yelling (still not crying) just trying to yell for me in her baby tone. I finally peaked my head around the side of the bed as she was standing in the door way LOL….she still didn’t see me! Ok maybe I’m the only one that finds this extremely funny!!