I searched and searched for a Chicken Salad that wowwed me, that had little mayo but good flavor, well I never found one so I made my own and though I haven’t actually had it on a sandwich yet, I still ate some before I put it in the fridge!! YUMMY! So glad I experimented!


1 lb. of cooked chicken (I cooked tenders the night before and used that)
1/2 Red Onion, Minced
2 Lg. Celery stalks, Minced
1 Tbsp. of Sweet Relish
4 Tbsp. of Herb & Garlic Light Mayo

What to do:

I diced my chicken as much as I could because I don’t like chunky chicken salad so use your judgement based on what you like. I used leftover chicken breast and started by cutting it in chunks, then I kept shredding.

Dice the onion and celery as much as you can. Add Relish & Mayo. Mix together really well.

This should give you a quite a few sandwiches, or top on a salad, or even make a wrap!