Hello friends!

Even though I had a sick kiddo I still got to cook a few dishes. I got to try the Baked Mac N Cheese. For a healthier version it was very good. Of course I would have rather of had four kinds of ewy goey cheese in it, but we all know how loaded in fat cheese is! I also made up my own chicken salad because I was really looking for something special. I’m so glad I did because I love it! I’m calling it Momma’s Chicken Salad. Weekends have been long this month with the hubby working, but he said he was taking off the next Saturday!! YAY!!!! I’m so excited for this weekend now! I think I may have gotten a touch of what Maddie developed over the weekend. 😦 we were all just sick at the beginning of December so it’s discouraging me right now, it’s really not making me like this winter so far!

Ok so what’s up in my kitchen this week……Well I’ve got a roast out and shredded Turkey so that’s first, I still want to try the Spaghetti Soup, I’m thinking I may make that one tonight seeing as I love soup when I’m not feeling well. And I’d like to make the Mexican Beef with the roast I have. We shall see! I really didn’t get to do anything else this weekend, boo cuddled with me all day on Saturday. I did however discover all of the cooking shows On Demand!! My two favorites are Top Chef and Rachael Vs. Guy It’s a celebrity cook off!! Fun! However I did realize how much I love cooking SLOWLY. If I was timed while I cooked, I’d never finish it, I’m too slow, I enjoy sipping on my wine, using the spices to my liking, and just using cooking as therapy! They also cook soooome weird things LOL!!

What do you enjoy about cooking? What’s your favorite recipe? I have so many favorites, I’m on a soup kick now! I’m doing a lot of updating to my site, you’ll start to see pictures for each recipe because I’m trying to update them!!

I’ve joined some new blogs and some new groups through facebook, I can’t wait to try some of their yummy recipes! When I was at the store the other day I picked up some chicken nuggets so I’d like to make Zucchini Chicken Nuggets.

So what’s to come in my kitchen this week? I’d like to add more to our “Superbowl Menu” maybe even pick out what this momma is going ot make for Superbowl Sunday seeing as I’m in it strictly for the food! I have no more Momma’s to feature 😦 So I’ll leave it up for a bit hoping someone may want to tell their story! I didn’t get to do a linky party today since my daughter is still pretty sick, we’ll be making a trip to the Doctor’s tomorrow if she isn’t better. Right now I’m listening to her breath, it’s breaking my heart. She even fell asleep on me while I rocked her, she hasn’t done that since she was a babe!