Phew….I think I breathed a bit easier for the first time all week when my husband came through the door. This is by far the worst cold MM has had! I know when my babe is sick when she doesn’t want to play and she spends half the day on the couch with me! I don’t think their is anything more upsetting than seeing your own child not feel themselves. I think I finally saw her smile around 6pm!! Plus I’m not up to par myself 😦 These are days when I can’t imagine having another child, when you truly realize the exhaustion that comes along with motherhood, when you long for child to talk so you can know what’s bothering her. This is exactly why I hate winter, what is it about Winter that people get so sick, why so many bugs and flus go around? Well the good news is January is almost over! I really need a good week here, I spend half of my month either sick or PMSing, I can’t decide which one is worse LOL!

So throughout the ever so boring day I had taking care of my sick one, myself and my home (yes I managed to vacuum, make our bed and throw dinner in the crock, but that’s it!) I am addiced to this show I found on demand called “America’s Worst Cook” LOL I didn’t think I’d like it, but I can’t believe their is people out their that cook worse than me, but then I realized as the these people are competeing for $25,000 and well the chance to learn a lot about cooking I come to the conclusion that I suck! HAHA! I’m simple, I’m bland, and I don’t even know certain knife cuts or combinations of what spices go with what! I’m just now being able to add recipes and not have to measure them out most of the time. They are cooking all of these marinades, sauces, fancy meat dishes and I buy my marinade and salsa in a jar! Hmmmm…..some day when I’m in a larger home I’d love to invest in a good blender and a kitchen aid mixer! Some day Some day! I mean I love my dishes but the things they are getting to cook with and learn are amazing! One of the things I saw them make was a potato pancake, I’m so looking into that, and then something called a Hash, but it’s with vegetables! YUM! It just made me realize that I’m just a housewife who barley cooks LOL, I’ll never cook a duck or shrimp from when they still have heads on them (OMG that episode was nasty). But at least I’m happy doing it, I often dream of cooking for a living, I’ve never been good at anything naturally LOL….however, after seeing professionals cook all day I can only imagine what they would say about my meals!! Their is still so much to learn! But that’s exciting to me, I love cooking for my family and entertaining for my friends and family. It’s my first hobby that (well besides scrapbooking) that I love doing. Scrapbooking takes extra time, cooking, well you have to eat to live! And the best part………..I don’t have to be timed! If anything my husband would rather me not rush, numerous times when I cook in my crockpot dinner is ready sooner than I think, so tonight it was ready as he was walking through the door, now you have to understand my hubby….he could be laying on the couch watching the news and I’ll say “It’ll be ready in 5 Min” he’ll say ok, I place it on the table and THAT’S when he’ll decide to oh uhm, start a load of laundry, go to the bathroom, bring our daughter for a ride in her wagon, and I end up eating alone! I swear at least 4 nights out of the 7 I eat alone, so now I get up and clean the kitchen while he eats…..ALONE! LOL. I guess it’s one of those quirks……I still love him!

So I had 10 min of my daughter being in a good mood so yes I got to throw my Roast in the crockpot and made the Mexican Style Beef, since it’s so loaded in fat and calories I just served it over some steamed broccoli. It was REALLY good, if you like spicy, though I had to split the ingredients in half because I only had a 2 lb. Chuck Roast and I added an ingredient and DID NOT add the suggested amount of hot sauce (thank god!) HAHA! So check it out!

Still working on our Superbowl menu, it’s so fun, I love making a bunch of appetizers! So fun! Does anyone have any favorites for their appetizers? Please do share! I did get to add my recipe for some nachos I made last weekend, I call them Momma’s Nacho’s!! So I’m in search for a few recipes from “America’s Worst Cook” though I’m scared, their recipes are hard, your taking people that can’t bowl water to preparing food that would come out of a 5.5 star restaurant, I’d love to invite these “worst cooks” to my home and have them try one of my recipes, I bet they’d do just fine LOL!!! I’d probably suck on that show, I have all I can do to handle chicken never mind a fish or squid! Ugh……But I love the idea of their Potato Pancakes….so stay tuned for something to do with them! Sorry I didn’t get to add good recipes today, MM kept me pretty busy! Tomorrow I’m hoping we both feel better because we desperatly need to get out, and I’m so bummed we couldn’t today when it reached 50 out!!! I think this is going to be a LOOOOONG winter. But before I take off to watch yet another cooking show, I’d like to mention Momma’s Chicken Salad again since I’ve been eating it all week and I’m loving it in my low calorie pockets! Tomorrow we have an appt at 5 so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for dinner but I think it may be a night where we eat dinner “TOGETHER” after MM goes to bed! LOL…..orrrrrr maybe my lovely hubby will take us out……..hmmmmmm…….Night my friends!

So another