Well this momma is officiallly sick of Winter, I was thinking this morning that I may actually like Winter if we didn’t spend half of it sick!! I finally took Madison to the Dr.’s yesterday, I usually wait as long as I can because everytime I take it her it ends up being just a cold and since her fever was so low grade I wasn’t concerned. I chalked it up to a bad cold, we had just visited a play place for kids, if you remember I could literally see the germs in that place! So MM is on meds now for a sinus infection, I thought for sure it was going to be her ears, but nope. I grew up with sinus infections so I so feel her pain, and to have one without being able to blow your nose, to let it just ooze out your nose all day, for days…..ok well that’s enough of that visual LOL!!

Well I at least managed to finally make the Lemon Pepper Chicken Casserole last night! I had a few problems, one I didn’t realize I was out of chicken broth, so I ended up having to use water (booooooo!!), the rice wasn’t as flavored as I would have liked it to have been but at least I knew why. I also think I cooked it too long because the chicken was a bit over done however I liked how the rice cooked, it was like Chinese Food white rice, I could almost scoop the rice with a ice cream scooper! I think my oven cooks faster so I’d just cook it for 30 min covered next time, I will give it another chance, I love the learning part of it.

We have a movie review guys!!!! My Idiot Brother”, hubby and I rented this last night, I like to rent once a wk it gives us quiet time together. It was interestingly weird…LOL….weird but good, is that possible? It was worth the $1 to rent! It has “Paul Rudd”, “Elizabeth Banks” and that girl from the new TV Comedy “The New Girl” I forget her name she plays in the movie “Elf” too!!

I added a Crock It Creamy Mac & Cheese because a fellow facebook friend in one of my groups was requesting one that I happened to stumble across the other night. I’m interested in trying it! So watching all of these “Chef” shows has really got me thinking, I asked my hubby last night if he would go to a cooking class with me, he simply said no LOL…..I said why not it’s just one night, I just want to learn more about seasonings and knife cuts and of course it would be nice if you could cook me one dinner every now and again even if it’s the same dish LOL!! So I’ve added a new section called “From Famous Chef’s” because I love the idea of cooking their recipes, the ones I’ve listed are my favorites and I started it with a recipe from America’s Worst Chef because I wanted a way to serve a turkey breast since I’ve never made them before!! It’s a recipe from Robert Irvine (have you seen those arms!) It’s called Herbed Turkey Breast w/Gravy & Creamed English Peas & Cranberries. So check back as I add some more yummy recipes from these Famous Chef’s!! Ok this momma is off to foodshop, stay tuned to see what we’ll be trying within the next week folks!!