Ok I’m headed out to the grocery store to get a few last minute things for our dinner then I’ll be getting starting on the dessert and preparing to get other things ready!! I can’t believe I’m going to the grocery store on a Saturday, I’m lucky, I get to go during the week!! So check out our menu and check back tomorrow for pictures!! Don’t forget to keep checking the Superbowl section, I keep adding things to it, tomorrow………Italian Sliders!


Ok…I’m excited to cook Steaks for my hubby tonight for our date night in! I’m going to make Broccoli & Cheddar Skins for an appetizer because I don’t even want to start cooking until the babe goes to bed or close to it. However her bedroom door is very close to the kitchen so I’m hoping I don’t regret this LOL!!

Main Course:

My husband’s favorite is steak so how can I not make him his favorite (wish he’d make me my favorite LOL) So all I’m doing is cooking a Sirloin Strip Steak and I’m going make my very first sauce to go over it for an extra zing! It’s a Garlic Herb Sauce since I’m making a Garlic & Herb Risotto as a side. All I’m doing with this is making Risotto directions from the package and adding some seasoning from a Garlic & Herb seasoning packet I had bought awhile back.  I’ve made a regular boring Risotto before and added my own ingredients and ended up with the a Zucchini Parmesan Risotto and it was awesome so I have faith in myself!!! Then for a vegetable I bough some asparagus since it’s been awhile since we’ve had some! So I found a recipe for Baked Asaparagus w/Balsamic Butter Sauce (YUM!)


The dessert I chose was from my Rachael Ray cookbook, my husband bought me this cook book last year for Christmas and I was overwhelmed by it honestly, I thought it was too hard, but since I’ve been cooking a lot more lately I pulled it back out the other day and starting going through it again. So I found this recipe in this book and it had my hubby’s name written ALL OVER IT!! However It called for mint and I’m not a minty person, so I had my own vision…..and I called it Chocolate Chocolate Brownies, maybe they’ll come out horrible and I won’t have to eat half of them!