Well we had a fantastic weekend! Probably because my hubby didn’t have to work on Saturday for once! It was so nice to have the 2 days together and I was able to make more of my yummy Chicken Salad, Humus & Cucumber dip for a few more days, and got to really get in the kitchen for a full course meal, and probably an additional 5 lbs I don’t need, but it was worth it!! This is how my night started off though, first thing is first!

Friday night I went out with my old co-workers, it was nice to get out and catch up!! Last night was our date night, I was able to make us some Broccoli & Chedder Skins as an appetizer.


Then when MM went to bed I started on the Garlic & Herb Risotto, all I did was make a basic plain white Risotto and stirred in a half a package of Garlic & Herb seasoning from the super market 🙂 So I cheated a bit on that one! But it’s ok I’m learning. I made a new Baked Asparagus with a Balsamic Butter Sauce, it was super simple and I loved the taste of it, it’s a good way to give your Asparagus some flavor, I put a little too much salt on it, but again it’s how you learn.

PAUSE….This is what MM while I started cooking….Music video’s and playing with the kitties!!

Then I wanted to make a sauce for the steak because I’ve never cooked something like that before. After watching all these cooking shows I realize how sauces come with every meal these professionals make! So I tried the Garlic Herb Sauce It was very tasty and I think it added a great taste to the steak. Not sure how much my hubby liked it it was a packed with flavor however I think I would have only added 1 tbsp of flour instead of 2, adding the extra one just made it too thick and I kind of wanted a dribble! So I’ll try it again!


All in all it was an awesome meal and then we watched a movie (50/50, a new release, a review is down below) and had our dessert half way through that, I just made a box of Chcocolate Chunk Brownies, but I added my own things to it, I added chocolate chips on the top so when it cooked the chips melted a  bit. (ewy goey!! YUM!) Then I melted a heshey bar and drizzled the top of the brownies (before I cut them) and also dipped strawberries in the leftover chocolate!! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream it was perfect! I surly didn’t healthify anything in that meal LOL! I really don’t understand how cooks do it, I had to get everything to be ready at the same time, it was quite different, and another thing I don’t understand is how is every chef not 400lbs!! How can people eat like that everyday and not gain weight??? I surly couldn’t! So I called dessert Chocolate Chocolate Brownies!!

So with a full belly and some nice champagne we sat down to watch the Movie 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan, now I thought it was a comedy, I know how can a a movie about a 27 year old having cancer be funny?? Hello it had Seth Rogan in it that why I thought it would be funny, I’m not sure if it’s because Cancer in general hits home for me or maybe because 2 family members have been diagnosed with it in the past month, I’m not sure but I did cry at parts but it was a great movie, surly recommend it!!

What’s up tonight, well I guess the All Star game is on at 4 so I know what my hubby is doing! Me, well I’m making Baked Chicken Nuggets, Chipolte Sweet Potato Fries and Oven Fried Zucchini Stix! YUM!! I’ll be putting the final touches for the Superbowl menu and watching the finale of Rachael Vs. Guy tonight!!! Love that show!! So come visit tomorrow for my Superbowl Must Eats! 🙂