Why hello February!! You are sneaking right up on me!! Well I for one welcome you my friend! Though we have had an ununsual warm winter this year (so far probably jinxing us as I type) I’m still not a fan of winter, I don’t know why, if it reaches 40ish we should be able to at least go for a walk, their have been some days where it actually reaches 50! But nope we continue to veg, play it lazy, it’s almost like winter expects this of us! So this momma trudges on, through hoops and challenges! We had a down day today, if you can’t tell. This 25 lbs I’ve put on is just devestating me but I don’t want to not cook, or cook more than just plain chicken and make salads….Some people say it’s the new medication I’m on for PPD I’d love to blame it on something that’s for sure, I think it’s lack of motivation and exercise however being tired ALL THE TIME and not sleeping well would do that to you, it’s been a hard decision but I’ve decided to come off of it, the side effects and the weight is just not worth it to me, it’s why I never wanted to try one!! Now I just hope the 30+ lbs I have to loose won’t be so hard to take off because I enjoy cooking so much and Summer will be here before you know it! Sooooooooooo…..

Of course all the cooking shows I’ve been watching lately (yes the food channel is my new guilty, oh so guilty pleasure!) have been doing specials on game day foods, Super Bowl Must haves….so I’ve been researching my own, I already have my menu planned for my friends house but I’m still obsessed with it! So I was thinking of  having a sliders night some night next month with a few friends and make a couple of different ones so I’ve been looking at them too, check out Rachael Rae’s Cheesesteak Slider, that has my hubby written all over it. I also watched a cooking show today called $10 Dinners and this woman seems pretty good, she cooked a Vegetarian Smoky Baked Beans and a Indoor S’more Sundae, I’m surly trying them very soon!! Check out the rest of the ones I’ve found and posted under Super Bowl Yummies. Go Pats!!!!

So what am I cooking this week? What will see me transform? Well 3 new ones I can tell you that! Tonight I’m making a Butternut Squash Ravioli in a Parmesan Sauce with Asparagus, but don’t fool yourself, I just bought the packaged kind because they were lowest in calories and fat, then I figured I’d try my own sauce since I’ve been trying to work on sauces, however then I saw that their was a seasoning pkg inside!! It actually comes with the sauce! but I did add water, flour and more parmesan cheese to it to make it thicker!! Then I sauted zucchini, asparagus and spinach in the garlic & herb sauce we had in our risotto over the weekend……even MM liked it!!! YUM!!! Tomorrow is a Slowcooker Chicken Pot Pie that I’m making during the day then making the end of the recipe (The Biscuts) at my best friends house so we can gab, gossip and eat cheaply, with wine of course!! Then the rest of the week calls for a Stuffed Pork, an old favorite one I used to make years ago when I first met my husband was Chicken Sausage & Pasta Dish. I never got to make the Baked Chicken Nuggets, Chipolte Sweet Potatoe Fries or the Oven Fried Zucchini Stix so I’d like to make them sometime over the weekend. After convincing my hubby that it would help me to vaccuum and swift our floors while he is here to entertain MM he said why don’t we just have a leftover night and well thank god we did because we were past the date of use on the chicken nuggets!! 🙂 So yes we had left overs…..because I’m still addicted to Momma’s Chicken Salad and I finished that up, I just can’t stop eatting it!! Having it on a low carb wrap or a a syrian pocket is the way to go….can’t forget my pickles I love!

Thanks to some awesome girlfriends and my husband who is the best support a wife could have I’m more upbeat and we have Maddie’s 15 mth check up tomorrow and a few errands to run so it’ll get us both out of the house!!! Here is to another day!! A better day!