Yep another rough day here, my poor baby girl is just so frustrated with not being able to communicate, ok I’m no longer believing that, I’m thinking she is just lazy and daddy and I are frustrated LOL!!! You can see each day how lazy she is, pointing, grunting, shaking her head no now, that’s new. My husband had 45 min to come home, shower, change and spend time with her before we had to be out the door to our appt, we were leaving and he said “Good Luck with her Ma” LOL…..45 min with her!! Try 10 hours LOL!!! Ok so it probably doesn’t help that she has molars coming in, I’ll give her that LOL! Soooo since we were on the go and had a coupon for T-Bones we went to dinner after out appt (thanks to my MIL) it was so nice to just talk and catch up, specially since we always used to go when we were “single” we call it “single” even though we were married, we just didn’t have a baby! He said only we are expecting to go home to a “single” home and that isn’t happening, LOL we both got a chuckle over that……..but the first thing I did when I walked through the door was see my boo sleeping soundly…..smiling. I just need to realize no matter how hard it is to get out sometimes I need to more often. Tomorrow is dinner with Nana LOL!!

Soooooo I added something else in the Super Bowl section….for you vegans out their, or anyone who just wants to eat healthy (which I want to, but never do when I’m outside of my home) Vegetable Rolls. I came across a vegetarian/vegan bloggers website today and was very impressed by her recipes, I want to try a few. I have a few friends that may just induldge in these! I’m going to try the Chickpea, Bean & Kale Stew, I’ve always wanted to eat Kale and I think this is a great way to start! Then of course while getting my blog out their today during some “Linky Parties” (I’ll explain more of that come March because I’ll be starting my own, but for now I’m just trying to become a part of them and get used to them) I came across a bloggers website called Yes you heard me 6 sisters!! LOL god bless that father! They have a great blog and I got this recipe on their site and thought it would be a great V-Day treat for my hubby and me!! Low Fat Chewy CC Oatmeal Cookies. OK I promise, I’m done adding to the Super Bowl Yummies section 😦 we have a great selection so keep coming back! They will always be in our “Appetizer-Party Favs” section even after the Super Bowl, so stay tuned for pics for the ones my family is making!! Now onto V-Day menu’s……….hmmmmmmmmm….