BIIIIITCH!! Don’t mess with this momma’s food!! LOL….I came home from my daughters 15 mth check up looking forward to having some of my Humus & Cucumber Dip with my favorite wheat crackers to hold me over before dinner since I didn’t have lunch and low and behold……it was GONE!!! I went into panic mode, I knocked things down looking for it, and I swore because I knew exactly what happened!!! My husband (though I love him dearly) took it by mistake for lunch today!!!! AHHHHH…..well I guess he’s excused since it’s 4:30 am. and I’d be getting ready with my eyes half closed too…..Then I quickly calmed down when he said he didn’t have time to each lunch today, and I said good bring my dip home would ya! LOL…he wouldn’t have liked it anyways!!! 🙂 Too funny!!!

Sooooooo yeah the 15 mth check up, that was just fabulous, watching her scream and scootch when the Dr. and nurses touched her, my poor pumpkin hates that place! She took the shots better than the touching! HA! But I’m proud to say that my kiddo is 2.5 feet tall, how awesome does that sound?? A little less than halfway to momma & dada LOL HAHA!!

Speaking of…..I walk into my condo after our appt and low and behold it smells like a Chicken Pot Pie blew up in my kitchen!!! OMG! the smell was AMAZING!!! As I said on facebook, It smelt like a chicken pot pie blew up in my house!! LOL in a good way of course.

Sooooooo after my husband put an ice cube in his LOL, with me saying your going to take the flavor out of it if you do that, I asked is it just too hot or are you that impatient you have to dive in now!! Well I waited, and let me tell you, it was so worth the wait!! It tasted like a piece of heaven and just like my mom used to make it as a kid, better yet, minus the potatoes!!!!

I’m still Appetizer obsessed, while watching more cooking shows, let me assure you folks that I do more than just sit on my couch all day LOL, I food shopped and brought my daughter to her 15 mth appt today, cooked dinner, and did laundry so now that I’ve explained that, here are 2 more Super Bowl Yummies I found!! Buffalo Chicken Tenders & Fried Ravioli’s, I’ll be making both of these soon enough!!

I also added some more Famous Chef’s, I’m still working on their recipes but I did add their bio’s from maybe I’m the only one obsessed with knowing what these fabulous people have done to get to where they are!! The Fried Ravioli recipe is from Giana De Laurentiis and the two Slider recipes I added are from none other than Rachael Ray!!

I also added a page called “Date Nights” I like to cook my hubby a nice meal once a month that includes an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert that we have during a movie we will rent, this gives me time to really cook and I figured I’d make an even out of it, check out last weeks Date Night – 1/28/12 and stay tuned to the end of Feb for our next one!!

So my hubby’s alarm goes off at 4am, of course he snoozes it until 4-430 most mornings, and now that I’ve had a baby my bladder is just not the same (it’s very annoying even though I was warned this would happen) so since I’m one of those people that once I open my eyes it takes me forever to fall back to sleep, I stumpble to the bathroom with my eyes practically closed. On my way back to bed I say good bye to my husband and I whisper did you hear that party going on last night? He says, “On a Tuesday Night? Where was it?” I point to our daughters bedroom door, he starts to laugh, I say “Her and pup-pup (a stuffed dog that she “has” to have) woke from 2-3am and had big ol conversations……..bla bla bla ba ba dada lalalalala…..and I wonder why even though I sleep 8-9 hours at night I’m always so tired, hmmmm being up from 2-3 and 4-5am gutta love it!

Not quite sure what is up for dinner yet we have a few appt’s and my MIL is babysitting, we’d like to have dinner out but only have an hour in between appt’s and this momma likes to relax and take her time when she gets out!! So who knows….but later this week is Stuffed Pork, haven’t made that one yet!! Happy Hump Day!!