After this week………..bring on the wine baby!!! So we went to T-Bones last night for our last-minute date night. I love their menu and their food is just so good, well plus we had a coupon LOL! We used to go all the time BM (Before Maddie) it always takes us at least a half hour or longer to decide what we want because their menu is so large and everything on it is good, which of course allows us to have a drink! I also noticed that they mark their entries that were below 550 calories and 10g of fat with a certain pink symbol, of course what I wanted was NOT marked with a cute little pink symbol, I never heard of a Caprese Burger before, I love a good Caprese appetizer at any italian place, I used to put a piece of Thick tomato & a piece of sliced Mozzarella on a sandwich with lettuce as a sandwich but never had it in a burger, knowing it was above the 550 calories and 10g of fat was making me quite indecisive, however the evil in me won!! It was out of this world good, stuffed my face good, over eat good, lick my plate good! So of course my task for the next day was to find a healthier one for home!!! Introducing the Caprese Turkey Burger, I like ground Turkey anyways and I found this recipe from a fellow foodie blogger called “That’s So Michelle” so check it out!!

So with that, yes Valentine’s Day is on my mind, getting nice recipes out their for you fellow faithful readers to try, or better yet tasteful, sinful desserts!!! I’m still debating one what me and my hubby will do, I love cooking, but their are some days I like to take off, usually my birthday and lately Mother’s Day!! If it was a Saturday night I’d simply make it a date night, but lucky us it falls on a Tuesday! So I’m still debating making a big dinner, I do plan on making a few desserts that day, hopefully Maddie will allow me to!! So stay tuned as I get the Valentine’s Day section ready for you!

Now that it’s been a few weeks since discovering the Food Network Channel I’m starting to wonder things, how can these people cook all these mouth watering meals, to die for food, butter, butter and oh yeah more butter and be in the shape they are in??? I’m so convinced they never eat the food they cook!!?? I’m telling you that’s got to be it, I look at the food and gain 10 lbs! Also I love Rachael Ray’s cooking equipment, the pots, the pans, the serving plates, even the utencils, but holy crap is it expensive!! Seriously who can afford $80 for one serving plate! That’s insane! However I still added a page called “My Wish List” this is a way for me to keep track of the equipment I’d love some day, now most of it I probably won’t get until I get a house some day and have a larger kitchen but as you can see the list is getting big so it’s a good way to keep track of it! My hubby said I could get 1 new kitchen addition each month for $30 or less, hmmm I’ll take it!! I already ordered one item for January so I’m thinking hmmm…what’s next!!

Ok now I know I said I was done adding to the Super Bowl Yummies section however I came across this recipe and I’m actually going to try it myself!! Salsa Roll Ups How easy and How yummy does that sound!! My mom took me and MM to dinner tonight so tomorrow I’m making the Stuffed Pork and then Saturday we are going to be gone all day at a birthday party so I wanted something in the crock but it’s beena while since I’ve made a stir fry so I looked up on line to see if I could make some kind of Crock Pot Chicken Stir Fry and just made the rice when I we got home and low and behold I found one!! So I’m going to try that one!