Another Friday upon us readers!! Craziness, how fast this winter is going, which to me is a fantastic thing!! I’m not a fan of winter if you haven’t been able to tell yet!! Boo and I went out on a adventure to find patriot T-shirts for Sunday, I wanted to buy one for my husband and since I had coupons I figured why not get one for myself if I could. So at Bob’s store I found they were on sale because their wasn’t many left, I saw for 50.00 you got a hoodie sweatshirt and a tshirt! It said M so I bought that for myself (they were wrapped together) I’m assuming “M” mens size and then I got one for my hubby. I got home and it was literally pasted to me, I tried the sweatshirt on and my daughter came running into the room and started giggling, I was literally stuck in it! I couldn’t get it off, I was so depressed. I feel like I’m gaining weight by the minute never mind the week! How does that happen?? I left the hospital less than what I weight when I got pregnant!! Then it dawned on me…….my antidepresents, needless to say I’m already wheaning myself off of them because no pill is worth this feeling I have, literally getting out of breat taking a shower, barley being able to to get out each day when Maddie was first born I was out at least once a day, I spent all summer walking everyday, at my campground outdoors, walking everywhere, yeah no way, I’ll work my own problems out, its exactly why I didn’t want to go on anything, I hate side effects and I hate “not knowing” if it’s that or yourself….So anyways this momma is riding alone and I’m looking forward to a new beginning.

Soooooooo in the kitchen!! YES AGAIN I said I would stay away from Super Bowl Yummies however I came across this one by a mistake while looking for dishes for V-Day!! I swear!! It’s the Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks. I think I’ll make these as an appetizer for V-Day.

I also added a few others to the Valentine’s Day Eats!! Chicken Cordon Bleu, also a recipe I made a few years ago that was awesome Spinach Lasagna Rolls. And then I think I found myself a winner for our own Valentine’s Day Date night in, Chicken with Broccoli Rabe. Something different! I know that I was supposed to make the Stuffed Pork, however I forgot to take it out of the freezer last night and it wasn’t defrosted in time for tonight 😦 sooo we made chicken casear salad wraps, however I plan on making this Tuesday night because tomorrow I already had chicken out for a Chicken Stir Fry in the Crock!! I’m making ujp my own for this one so stay tuned!