Sorry I’ve been out of the loop, this momma got yet another cold, nothing big, just enough to annoy me and keep me from sleeping!! But I have been doing my research and today my MM and I went to Target (for the first time in mths!) I was reminded why all of a sudden my hubby and I have been doing so well with our money…….because I haven’t been to Target let’s put it that way. I forgot how much I loved it!! We got a bunch of stuff for Valentine’s Day, we got plates to use that day because I plan on making MM heart shaped pancakes and strawberries! I got us heart molds to make heart shaped cakes and fortune cookes to dip in the chocolate. I bought her and I a new outfit, her for Valentine’s Day, daddy will love it, and me for our date night this weekend away!!!!! Yup AWAY in a hotel LOL!! (more on that later).

My hubby told me he doesn’t want me cooking on V-Day night, even though I told him I love doing it, so I haven’t decided yet he told me it’s up to me so we’ll see what I feel like doing LOL I know we are baking him Snickers Cupcakes, not sure if we’ll be making anything else since I baked so much today! I wanted to make little gifts for the special people in our lives that have been so good to us lately, our usual baby-sitters, friends who have bailed me out these last few weeks while I was sick and needed to go to the Dr’s, that kind of stuff. So we made Chocolate covered fortune cookies, Chocolate hearts, and Devil’s Hearts 🙂 pretty cute! Now my back is broken from cooking dinner and baking the goodies LOL! If I didn’t love it I’d simply buy it! I made the Chicken Sausage and Pasta, I added Broccoli to it this time, my hubby told me he wasn’t a big fan, nice he decides to tell me now after I’ve made it like 5 times LOL, I guess he doesn’t like chunky pasta sauces and I do because it’s easier on my stomach than thick pasta sauces. I also made an Irish Soda Bread w/Cheese. That was the first time I made a bread, I was going for the Beer Bread however I didn’t have 55 min for it to bake!! The Irish Bread was really easy and really yummy!! My grandmother would be so proud!! Not so sure what Maddie thought of it! Yes those are stickers on her face, dada said they were tatoos!

Ok so what did I add for Valentine’s Day, some great meals to make your hunny!!! Steak & Mushroom Sauce, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pasta w/Chicken & Broccoli Rabe, Spinach Lasagna Rolls (I speak from experience how good these were!! Maybe a nice appetizer first, Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks, Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Bites or a Spinach Salad w/Orange Vinaigrette (I’m making this later in the week with my Corn Chicken Chowder!! YUM!) or even a French Onion Soup!! And of course to end the evening with a nice treat! Snickers Cupcakes, Heart Shaped Krispy Treats, Cupcakes in a jar ( I wanted to do this unfortunatly I couldn’t find a stinkin Jar at Target!!)

Ok this is what I’m doing for my hunny, not really a gift, we try to watch money (I say this then my hubby goes out and spends a boat load on me then I feel like crap!) I try to do something that comes from the heart and with some creativity, I know that’s hard for some men to do, we bought a shadow box, I originally wanted to do her finger prints and food prints and decorate it and frame it in that however I can’t get her to do it so now I’m not sure what I’ll do with it………any ideas??? Then I got two tall plastic cannisters. One I filled with all of his favorite candies and the home made chocolate hearts wrapped & tided w/love! Some of our chocolate covered fortune cookies, and the little cakes we made shaped as hearts! 🙂 Then the other cannister I filled with moments that meant something to us, for example, love notes (yes we leave them all the time and I keep some), Cards from flowers he’s sent me, our Christmas card from our first Christmas married, then our first Christmas with Maddie, an Ultrasound picture, fake flower petals from past V-Day’s, assorted pictures, the hair our hairdresser gave us from Maddie’s first haircut, I keep adding to it as I found things, it’s fun and I think it’ll mean a lot to him, all of our favorite memories in a cannister so when you have those down days you just take a look at it (it’s clear) and you remember just how great life really is, just how complete we are as a family, oh and of course I’ll be decorating it! Don’t worry I told him not to read this post! LOL…

Stay tuned tomorrow I’m making the Hamburger Heaven in the Crock Pot!! Can’t wait!