I was sitting at dinner Saturday night with friends and family when I recieved a text from my best friend informing me of Whitney’s death. I was shocked, and of course I probably thought thought the same thing that a lot of a lot of you have. Overdose…..Drugs……Alcohol. It’s sad, because of her past I was so quick to assume that it must be an overdose of some kind. I think of the last few deaths lately. Amy Whinehouse, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, it’s just so sad to me. I remember jammin out to Whitney Houston’sI want dance with somebody“, or crying to the Movie, The Body Guard. I happened to mention this movie to my husband and he said he had never heard of it never mind watched it, he goes “I’m a guy” I said yeah but you’ve had girlfriends, what girl hasn’t seen this movie? Apparantly a lot, I’d love to watch this movie for Valentine’s Day, it’s a perfect movie for the night, I wouldn’t even have thought of it saddenly however it is On Demand, I just hope my hubby choses me over the Bruin’s tomorrow night!! This is the way I remember her growing up as a little girl.

Have you made your Valentine’s Day menu yet? Today we started Valentine’s Day a little early, I figured I’d practice and now daddy gets a nice surprise in his lunch tomorrow for breakfast 🙂 I haven’t made “real” pancakes, and when I say “real” I mean bisquick LOL…I did fairly well I must admit! This was a gluten free bisquick so even better! Well the picture below is what Maddie did while I cooked LOL!!

So we are going to start with Almond French Toast shaped hearts with strawberries. Then for lunch we are going to have heart shaped Grilled & Ham sandwiches. Madison and I are going to bake our Snickers Cupcakes and Chocolate dipped fruit during the day. Then I’m going to do my Creamy Chicken Chowder in the crock with a side salad Spinach Salad with an Orange Vinaigrette dressing. Light but yummy, to leave enough room for dessert!! YAY!! Or if I don’t feel like it come tomorrow my hubby said we could order out, but I think I’d rather cook.

Soooo what did this momma do this weekend, oh a lot. Friday night I had dinner out with my best friend, always fun. Saturday was so nice because my hubby was off and it was so nice to sleep in (me!!) and lounge around the house on a Saturday! He took MM to the mall so I could pack her up and ourselves up to go away for the night. We dropped MM off with my sister by 6:30 that night, after an unexpected tip home for Pup-Pup, boy did this mommy learn a lesson, don’t EVER forget the animal, blanket or lovey that your child sleeps with!! Luckily we realized it before we were all the way their. Now I wish I didn’t brag so much when my husband kept asking me, “Did you remember her milk?” or Did you pack her juice cup, or how about, did you pack her snacks? Then finally I said, hun, she’s fine, if your going to keep asking then next time you pack her up….it’s my job I’ve got it…..ha!!! If I only knew those words were going to kick me in the buttocks! Anyways, we didn’t get to relax and have a few drinks at the hotel before heading to dinner & a mystery show we had tickets for, but we made up for it the next day, slept in, had champagne with OJ, had breakfast and even watched a movie, well half a movie we did have to check out at noon LOL….luckily my mom and sister wanted to take her to lunch so hubby and I got to go to lunch alone, we played keno and even a few games of pool. All in all, a very good weekend, a very much needed weekend for these parents!! Our place was so awesome!!!

So what is everyone’s plans? You cooking a nice dinner for that special someone, or hey is someone cooking a special dinner for you (even better!) Check out my Valentine’s Day Eats for some easy recipes!!

I’m working on my Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free section, Easy Meals and Famous Chef’s because. I’m making a Chilli tonight, I kind of made it up. I’m making a gluten-free Chilli (which all Chilli’s seem to be gluten-free for the most part) but I’m calling it Momma’s Chilli. My hubby LOVED IT!!!

What else is up this week, I will let you know later when I get home from food shopping, hopefully getting to that Stuffed Pork I’ve been dying to try but haven’t gotten too! I also want to try the Caprese Turkey Burgers with the Baked Chipolte Fries.