Who loves doing things for the ones they love?? I do I do!!! I feel like I show my love everyday for my family because I’m a stay at home mom, but on days like today I like to go above and beyond. Just little things to show my loves just how much I love them. I remember every year for Valentine’s Day I’d get a rose from my dad, I believe mine was yellow, my sisters was white and my mother’s of course was red. It was just something special and I’ll never forget it because on Valentine’s Day in 2001 my father sent my boyfriend at the time to the flower shop to get our usual roses because he couldn’t. I cried for hours that day. Knowing it would be the very last rose I got from him on Valentine’s Day. Now I can smile knowing my husband is going to start the same tradition for my daughter today. So bittersweet. So check back tomorrow to hear about how this momma made her day special for her lovies!! So for now this momma goes back to the kitchen!! This is how MM and I started our morning!!!!