Well this momma had a lot of fun making Valentine’s Day special for her daughter and hubby. Maddie and started with Almond French Toast and I shaped them in hearts and served them with her second favorite……strawberries of course!!! She didn’t know what to think of them but she loved them!! I’m making the Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Bites this weekend!

We then decorated the house (a little) with these cling on hearts I found at Hannaford’s for $1.00 lol hence why they didn’t stick very well, but I so remember the cling ons when I was a kid. I remember the Smurf ones specifically!!! No no laughing at these pictures because, put the Christmas Tree away has been on the “Honey Do” list for weeks (maybe even months) now!! Sooo it still sits on the porch. Nooo laughing, Maddie worked very hard on these.


Then we made our crafts together, (OK well I did and I used her hand for part of it) but it was fun, I saw this idea on Pinterest I believe. Take a regular frame, put a piece of paper behind (any decorative scrapbooking paper works) and wala you have a dry erase board! Use it for love notes, use it for a menu plan, for your kiddos to play on, anything! I didn’t realize that it would work as a dry erase board. I ended up buying a shadow box (12×12) used scrapbooking paper I liked and I also took my daughter’s hand and pressed it on a stamp pad, I put a picture of Maddie and daddy and it made a nice gift. 🙂 and now daddy knows what’s for dinner each morning!! We also found little sticky notes throughout the day from daddy, in random spots, my favorites were (under my camera, knowing I’d be using it, as I do everyday) “Half Way to Camp” YES!!! Can’t wait! then after I put Maddie in for her nap I stepped into the shower and on the wall was “I love my girlz” LOL Yes spelled that way!!


I don’t know what it is but my daughter is “MESMERIZED” by music, it’s the only that has grabbed her attention on the TV (I guess that’s a good thing!) her and my husband watch video’s each night together, it’s there Daddy/Maddie time!! So here are some radoms from the day and the things we did!! So no judging when you see how close my daughter gets to the TV to watch her music, how do you say no to this???? Then you see her in “no mans” land I like to call it….the one section of my house she is NOT allowed to go because I keep breakable stuff on my glass shelves, their were certain things I just didn’t want to give up when we baby proofed, now she  knows how to get on the other side…..don’t worry pup pup went too, but he got left behind in “no mans” land!! LOL….


Then we had lunch, heart-shaped grilled ham & cheese sandwiches!! With her favorite…blueberries!! While maddie ate I put together Andy’s gifts!! She couldn’t wait to show daddy our Valentine’s Day display!! And then Maddie went to bed and mommy and daddy had chinese food!! I was supposed to make a Creamy Chicken Chowder with a Spinach Salad w/a Orange Vinaigrette. My hubby said that I didn’t have to cook but I usually want to, however after breakfast, lunch, crafts and then cupcakes….I was beat LOL!!

The Snickers Cupcakes were so worth it, it was just a different texture, and the snickers in the middle just made it sooooooo good, I didn’t use the frosting recipe because I want to get used to frosting them, so I bought store-bought, I definitely will try this recipe again with the frosting when I have more time, that’s how good they were!

And that folks…….is the way I chose to celebrate a day of love…..