Well I’ve finally got the Creamy Chicken Chowder in the Crock Pot!! Can’t wait to try it! Tomorrow I’m going to make the Stuffed Pork I’ve been dying to try with a new Carrot/Asparagus combination. Saturday night we have a party to go to so my MIL is baby-sitting which will be nice. Sunday I plan on making the Caprese Turkey Burgers with Baked Chipolte Sweet Potato Fries. My hubby also has Monday off so I think on Monday I’ll make a Steak & Mushroom dish in the crock.

Don’t forget to check out Ellen on the Bachelor this past week HAHAHAHAHA!!! Also check out some interesting questions I found from my Parents Magazine that may be  helpful to you.

I also have a few momma’s that are going to get back to me with some more Gluten Free recipes! Yay!! I’m making a gluten free chilli for this weekends party that I named Momma’s Chilli! So stay tuned for more dietary recipes.

I’d also love some more kiddo recipes too I know a lot of moms who are having a hard time with feeding their picky eaters! So if any momma’s have some suggestions or some good recipes send them on over. I find a lot in my mommy magazines, making heart shaped pancakes, french toast and grilled ham and cheeses this week for Valentine’s Day was so fun, and honestly I think she ate more of them!!

SO the verdict is in, and I wish I had pictures but I don’t because come 6:30 last night I was starved, my husband was out with my daughter, I wanted a shower and a hot peaceful dinner so I curled up on my couch with a bowl and enjoyed every bite of it, even with a burnt tongue because I couldn’t wait to have it! You can add more pepper for more taste if you’d like!

So Madison when to a Gym class today with Jack, they had so much fun playing together, or well running around I should say LOL!! How cute are they??


 Awh a kiss good-bye!!

Why do things like this have to be so expensive though, I want to be able to send my child to these kinds of things, we set up an account when Maddie was born and every gift she’s ever gotten that is money we’ve deposited it, I always said to my husband we are dipping into that account if their is something we can’t financially afford on our everyday budget because I want her to be able to do these things with other kiddos, lucky for us we haven’t had to dip into that account once! 🙂

My Stuffed Pork is in the Crock, can’t wait to taste it later, I haven’t had stuffing in forever, it’s not even that high in calories or fat, plus I put apples in it too!! I’m going to make a new combination of vegetables too. I’m going to make it up because again I can’t find exactly what I want. I’m going to roast the carrots and asparagus with olive oil, balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper. See how that tastes. Don’t forget to vote by Clicking here!! I need your opinion, I want to make this site to please you!! VOTE HERE!