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Sooooo tonight we are off to my cousin’s 30th Birthday party, wow….just proof how old I’m getting!! I’m making Momma’s Chilli and Salsa Roll Ups! YUM!! Last night we finally got to make the Stuffed Pork. It was gooood!! Loved the stuffing, and it was an awesome recommendation to add apples to it!! I had a hard time stuffing a Pork Tenderloin so I pounded it out, stuffed it then folded it in half, so hey it all goes to the same place!! I served it with of course more stuffing and Asparagus & Carrots seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette! Was very good!!

Since it’s been so nice out, yes we are enjoying “this winter” my hubby got home from work early enough to take boo for a wagon ride. She loves this thing!!

I thought it was super cute when I went into her bedroom this morning she immediatly pointed to the wagon LOL!!! Tomorrow I’ll be updating pics from the perfect “Hash Brown Quiche“, it was to die for!! Madison looooved it!! And I want to make Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast bites for my daugther and hubby! Happy Saturday and I’ll chat with you tomorrow!