Well the weekend isn’t over for this Momma!! Yep you guess it, hubs has tomorrow off. You have to check out the article I posted for moms. “Mom Confessions-Top 10 Confessions. I LOVED this article, made me feel HUMAN LADIES…..I wrote my thoughts after each confession so check it out!! 

 We celebrated last night with my cousin who has officially joined the 30’s!! As always a good time with my family. We sure know how to put on some good parties! Special thanks to Grammy-Memere for sitting for us so we could go.

      Cake Time!!                          Me & My Couz               Booze Table!!


   Mother & Daughters          My hubs “partying”          B-Day girl & her baby!

I made Momma’s Chilli for the party, it got a good review, though I’m already missing my crockpot LOL!! It’s ok I wanted another one already, I could easily go get it however it’s easier to buy a new one….a better one….to have one for home and one for the camp!!!

We had a nice family day, we were originally going to go into Boston for the day, but neither of us felt much like going so I said I don’t care as long as we get out and do something! So we headed to the park, colder than we thought but boo had a good time. She’s figuring out how to walk on different services besides rugs, hardwood or cement, it was pretty funny watching her.  She also loves slides!

Then we went to the mall and walked around. Had to visit the Disney store of course where Maddie got her first “Barbie” It’s Cinderella and the Prince. LOL too cute, I saw her “dressing” her pup-pup this morning with her hair peices and beaded necklaces so I thought maybe it was time……..however she wanted to play with the cups more!!


I then attempted to make the Caprese Turkey Burgers & Baked Chipolte Sweet Potato Fries. The Burgers were big and very flavorful, however my mozzarella balls were frozen because they got stuck in the back of the fridge 😦 I was so bummed however I improvised, I still wanted that Mozzarella taste so I just used shredded cheese and used the broiler to melt the cheese on top. The Fries had a kick I added some red pepper flakes, but still can’t seem to make a sweet potato fry without it being soggy 😦

And here are the much awaited for pictures of the Hashbrown Quiche. We (or me) ended up eating it for breakfast all weekend so I haven’t had a chance to make the Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Bites yet but will  hopefully get to them tomorrow!! Take in this delicious quiche!!

Not sure what’s on the menu for tomorrow, I have steak out but we have a lot of left overs we should be eating LOL!! I’m thinking maybe a steak stir fry….but we’ll see!! Happy Sunday everyone!!