I was immediatly drawn to this article because I like to see if other moms think the way I do. It’s not that I care what others think of me, (OK sometimes I do) but it’s more of a way for me to feel……..well “normal!!” So lets read the Top 10 Confessions and talk about them. Or I will.

What’s your dirty little mom secret? We partnered with TODAY Moms on Today.com on an exclusive survey of more than 25,000 women to find out how moms really live their lives, and how they feel about their kids, partners and other moms. Read on to hear the juiciest secrets they revealed.

Confession #1: Mom Wants to be Left Alone

Me time, when you can do whatever you darn well please, becomes practically non-existent once you’re a parent, and our survey found it’s the pre-baby luxury that moms miss most. Out of everything they miss from before kids—a better body, more disposable income, time with friends—23% of moms most crave alone time. “I can’t wait to get away from my kids sometimes. I need alone time (even away from my husband),” wrote one mom. Fourteen percent most pine for their pre-baby body and an equal number put sleep as #1 on their wish list.

THIS MOMMA: I can’t stress how much I’m guilty of this, I sometimes would give anything to pee in peice, to have a full cup of coffee while it’s still hot, or even complete a thought on my own. I used to hate that my husband went to bed early each night (he wakes at 4am) but their are some nights where I really just can’t wait until 8-9pm and I find myself staying up until 11 some nights just to get that peaceful time alone.  It really just helps me rejuvinate myself and get some things done for me! I don’t think I would feel it to be that desperate of a need if I worked full-time, but being with her 24 hrs a day can get mind consumingingly (if that’s even a word) numb sometimes! I for one miss my old body, what mother wouldn’t!!

Confession #2: She’s Weird About Breastfeeding

Society sends a lot of mixed messages about nursing, and it turns out moms have internalized the debate. While 18% of moms say they judge others for choosing not to breastfeed, even more—42%—confess they get sketched out over extended breastfeeding. “I breastfed my daughter until after she was 2, but my mom and husband are the only ones that know that,” one respondent wrote.

THIS MOMMA: I had a lot of mixed feelings about this one, not because I’m sketched out about others doing it, or that I hate seeing woman do it in public, absolutely not, more so because well……I’m JELOUS!! I wish I could have done it. I see what a bond it is with your child and I wish I had that. It did (does) sketch me out, for myself. I don’t know why, when asked this question (by many) I really didn’t have a reason why, I think it’s a beautiful, amazingly wonderful thing any mother can give to their child, I for one just couldn’t do it and don’t have a reason for it.

Confession #3: She Sends Her Kid to School Sick

Junior’s complaining of a stomachache, but he hasn’t thrown up, and you’ve got a big day at work. Send him to school or keep him home? If you’re like 49% of our working mom respondents, you let him go to school or daycare and hope for the best. “I gave my child Advil and sent him to day care with a fever,” shared one mom. “I figured he had gotten it from the other kids in the class, and I had already missed 15 days of work with him being sick.”

THIS MOMMA: Well I haven’t reached this point yet with my kiddo however as a child I went to school unless I had a fever or was throwing up! LOL…Maybe this is where my fear of puking in public comes in!! I was always afraid I’d be that kiddo throwing up at her desk, I hated seeing poor kids not be able to make it the bathroom at school….I think I’ll probably follow the same policy someday though, I know a lot of mothers take sick days from work for their kids and it can add up, but I also know that kids can take advantage of it as well, specially with SAHM’s!

Confession #4: She Wants a Do-Over

Ask any mom if she’s happy with how things turned out, and she’ll probably say yes to your face. But anonymously, 71% of moms told us if they could do it all over again, they’d do it a little differently. Almost 23% would choose another spouse, 21% wished they had more kids, and 19% would pick a more flexible career path. A slim 4% ‘fessed up to questioning the decision to have children altogether. “Although I love my children and wouldn’t trade them for the world, there are times when I wish I could have a ‘do-over’ and maybe start having them later in life,” said one mom. “I do miss being able to do things spontaneously and only having to worry about myself.”

THIS MOMMA: I don’t necessarily want a “Do-Over” having children is something I always wanted, but it’s just changing me as a person all over again so it’s taking time for me to find that balance right now, what they say is so true about the first child being the experiemental one!! I would never vote for choosing another spouse, that makes me sad for some moms, I waited so long because I wanted to make sure he was the right one and that he would be the father to my children I always wanted, I’d rather no have kids than have them with the wrong person, I say this now, however things happen, life happens and I’m so much more respectable to single moms or divorced moms because I could NEVER do it alone. I surly wouldn’t vote for wishing I never had a child either, it’s a part of my life that has made me who I am, and even though I’m now responsible for raising this little being, and shaping who she becomes is scarier than heck…..I’d never wish it didn’t happen.

Confession #5: She’ll Take Sleep Over Sex

Nap or nookie? Once the kids are asleep, almost 53% of moms would take a good night of sleep over mind-blowing sex any day. Being tired is an almost universal complaint among the moms we surveyed. As one mom put it: “Everyone tells you to enjoy the time you have with your kids while they are young, but sometimes I am just so tired and worn out, enjoying them just feels like more work!”

THIS MOMMA: I may have to agree with the statment above (OK I do!) Sleep is way more important to this momma!! And it is true, enjoying them is so much more work, but always worth it in my book. So I apologize to my husband now because I will ALWAYS pick a good night of sleep over mind blowing sex!!

Confession #6: She’s Distracted by Technology

Here’s the good news: only 5% of moms owned up to their child getting hurt because they were busy texting or surfing the web. The bad news: 18% have had close calls, which means that nearly a quarter of the moms surveyed are a little too attached to their tech devices. Back away from the iPhone, Mom!

THIS MOMMA: I guess any accident can happen, we all know as mothers all it takes is a turn of the head for 10 seconds! So I guess I can say that could happen in my house, but I know my daughter enough to know when I can get on my laptop and when I’m pushing it. Plus during the day is my time with her, but I may get on it when she’s eating her breakfast and lunch, or first thing in the morning when we are cuddling watching TV, but texting, well I text everywhere I go! I’m guilty! It keeps me sane!

Confession #7: She Medicates…Her Kids

You’ve seen her—the mom trying to reason with the shrieking kid at 30,000 feet. Or maybe you’ve been her. Either way, desperate times call for desperate measures, and fear of having an unruly child motivates almost 18% of moms surveyed to medicate their child before a long car trip or a flight. Almost 8% of moms even said they sometimes do it on a regular night at home, just to get some peace and quiet

THIS MOMMA: Well I can’t see giving my child drugs just to have a “quiet night” however I don’t judge, so anyone that does hey, it’s your kiddo. I do however not hesitate when she’s cranky and nothing is making her happy which resorts me to thinking it mus be teeth pain.

Confession #8: She Judges Other Moms

Ever felt judged by another mom? Well, you weren’t just imagining it. A scant 12% of moms claimed to not give a hoot what other moms do, but the other 88% admitted they let the judgments fly. Top among the behaviors most likely to garner dirty looks? Sixty-six percent of moms said a bratty kid. Weight and eating issues also hit a nerve for many moms. Almost 37% judge a mom with an overweight child, and 34% look down on kids eating junk food.

THIS MOMMA: I guess this is a problem for me that I’m still working on, I constantly compare myself to other moms, not in a bad way, but more in a way of “why don’t I feel that way? Why can’t I do that?” LOL….I don’t really judge other mothers mainly because I don’t want mothers to judge me. It’s part of the reason why I started this blog, to me more honest with myself and get things……out there! I think I judged a lot more before I became one 🙂

Confession #9: Mom Has a Favorite Child

You swear up and down to your kids that you love them equally, but for almost 14% of moms surveyed, that’s not true; in their heart of hearts, they have a fave. As one mom said: “I love all my kids equally, but I *enjoy* one of them more. I try to not let it show in my behavior with all my kids, but I fear it may seep out.”

THIS MOMMA: I can’t imagine this….I really can’t, but I can’t judge because I only have one child, I do think of having another, I can’t imagine spreading any more of my love, however everyone with more than one child tells me that it’s completely natural and it will just happen. I always remember something my mother said and it seems to have stuck with me. “I don’t love you or your sister more, I just love you differently because your different people, you have different personalities.” Hearing that as a child didn’t make much sense to me, but it does now.

Confession #10: She Uses Her Kids to Get Out of Things

Invited out by someone you think is boring? Kids provide a convenient excuse to bow out things, according to almost 84% of moms surveyed. In fact, 45% reported using their kids to get out of social obligations around once a month. One mom even confessed to using them as a trump card with her husband: “I have used obligations for the kids—homework, projects, laundry—to get out of sex.”

THIS MOMMA: Three words……”I’ve done it.” 🙂