I got this from the post partum group that I belong to that actually isn’t even a part of the hospital where I had my daughter but more but the other hospital where I live. Luckily these woman were so warm, so inviting, so welcoming that I was able to feel like part of a real “Group” in no time. When I had no one to to turn to during a rough patch a few wks back the Perinatal Mental Health Nurse Coordinator who runs this group was able to direct me to someone who could help. This group is full of an amazing amount of woman who have more stregnth than they could possibly know. Don’t forget to read today’s blog “One Lucky Momma” We all need to recognize just what we have in our lives. We are always telling each other to “Take Two Minutes for Yourself” each day. Here is what I did with my two mintues today.

Two Minutes for Yourself

Take out a sheet of paper. Fold it in half length-wise. On one side, write your strengths. Then flip it over and write, “The mom I want to be” on the other side at the top. List the ten qualities that you think make a good mom. Your list may include virtues such as patience, drive, and organization, or more diverse elements such as joyfulness or an affectionate nature. Now take a deep breath and view the lists. Which qualities do you intrinsically possess? Many of these attributes may already be on your strengths list. Circle the matching ones on both lists. Recopy these (or the top five, if you have more than five) onto a three-by-five note card with the heading “Qualities I have which make me a good mom.” Tear up the other list and throw it away. Rather than fretting about what personal aspects of a stereotypic good mom you lack, focus on the strengths you bring to this new relationship. There are as many ways to be a good mother as there are opinions about getting a baby to sleep through the night. Put the card in your purse or wallet and review it regularly to build your confidence in this new role.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely way to spend a few minutes? When I sat down to do this, I found at least three that were on each list, you’ll be amazed. I only did 5 each but still had Love, Affection and Guidence on each list. The two I need to work is “The ability to go with the flow” and “Patience” of course! What did you come up with?

I believe taking these two minutes a day, or taking the time to do a little something for yourself is something we have to do as moms. I remember one night last week, I was up until 11:30 just so I could paint my nails!! Yes I even took the time to take the pictures to show you momma’s that even though 11:30 is WAY past my bed time I still take a few minutes here and their!! Today I took 20 minutes and went for a nice walk with my daughter, it was freezing however I bundled us up and just went, I really needed the fresh air. Tomorrow I’m making dinner with my best friend, just her and I. When I don’t get times like that I’ll try so hard to make a few minutes to either go to the store alone, go get an iced tea, anything to give me a “TWO MINUTES.”