Well you can read about my lovely day here “Sacraficing your body….the utmost sacrafice of motherhood.” LOL…hey it gave me something good to write about! As far as my kitchen goes, well last night I did make a stir-fry, I think it was good enough to post because if your looking for a “Chinese” dish but don’t want all the fat and calories that go with it, then this is your dish….plus it’s super easy so I’ll post it under our “Easy Meals” section. I’m calling it Momma’s Asian Stir-Fry. It was kind of fun making this dish.

This morning I was thinking about what to make my boo and I for breakfast and I immediatly could taste the Hashbrown Quiche….too bad it was gone though. However I had enough to make one more!! So I did……my boo loves it, a good way for me to get her to eat meat and spinach!! 🙂 I’ll be on the search for other ones since she LOVES eggs and seems to eat anything in them!

Tonight my hubby is cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t get all excited folks…..I’m actually making everything that goes INSIDE this dish and he’s simply putting it together, something different, from a fellow blogger, hello Chicken Empanada’s!

I think I’ll try the Spinach Lasagna Rolls this week. Or the Skinny Lasagna Alfredo, I haven’t made those yet…….decisions decisions. I’d like to make the Lasagna in the Crock but it’s at my cousin’s still and I won’t be getting it back until this weekend, it’s funny how you can get CrockPot withdrawals LOL!!! However I did get passed onto a pretty good deal from walmart!!! This awesome crock on sale for $20.00!!! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hamilton-Beach-Stay-or-Go-6-Quart-Slow-Cooker/16913519?wmlspartner=/knEpwTQDBg&sourceid=30072852982807340320 Ok guilty I just ordered one!! Hey I need one for our camp and home! LOL….YAY!

My best friend and I are supposed to cook tonight, lets see if we end up! LOL…supposed to make Skinny Chicken Marsala!! Stay tuned for more updates!!